4 secrets most men keeps from their woman

4 secrets most men keeps from their woman..  Men aren’t as uncomplicated as they seem to be. In fact, there are a lot of layers to men that others don’t usually see. They can be very secretive.


4 secrets most men keeps from their woman



They don’t want their woman to unravel the secrets that they have been keeping for so long.


Here are a few secrets that men never tell anyone, especially to their partners.

1. Support

Every man needs emotional support from their partner but they will never admit it out aloud. Men always try to appear strong but even they want to feel loved. The stress of everyday life affects everyone.

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2. Fear

Men hardly express their fears because they don’t want to be viewed as weak. Men are considered to be strong and are expected to put up a brave face in front of society. But even at times, they feel consumed with dark thoughts and fears.

3. Glances

Men may not admit it but they glance at every woman that passes by. Most men tend to evaluate women by their looks. And after they like someone, they want to get to know their personality.

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4. Conflicts

Men don’t notice little trifles and conflicts as much as women. Sometimes, they are clueless about what their woman is fighting about. They don’t concentrate on the little details as much as their partner would want to.


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