A look At Zodwa Wabantu’s Streams Of Income

A look At Zodwa Wabantu’s Streams Of Income.. As we all know, Zodwa Wabantu is a dancer. She is a controversial dancer. She may be one of the most contentious dancers in the history of Mzansi entertainment.


A look At Zodwa Wabantu’s Streams Of Income

As a dancer, she makes a lot of money. Apart from dancing on stage, she secures her bag in many ways.

People have this notion that Zodwa is an airhead. She seems so in the eyes of many as she is a dancer who dresses in very little clothing. People don’t understand that Zodwa is securing her bag on and off stage. Here is an in-depth look at how Zodwa is making her coin.

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Zodwa Wabantu. Image: Instagram/Wabantu


Dancing Bookings


Nearly two weeks ago, Zodwa revealed how much she makes per booking. Zodwa said she makes R25,000 per booking. All she does is dress in skimpy clothing and dance on stage.

She makes 25k from each performance. If she performs for five gigs monthly, she makes R 250 000 per month. Remember that R250k per month is a quarter of a million Rands.


Rental property

When Zodwa started making money, she invested her earnings into a rental property. She purchased herself flats in the KwaZulu-Natal Province. She rents the apartments to her tenants, which is her other income source. Property is an asset, and it increases value over time.

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Shuttle business

After securing the bag two ways, Zodwa added another business to her rising empire. She purchased vehicles to run a shuttle services business.

Traditional healing

As we know, Zodwa is now a traditional healer. Contrary to popular belief being conventional healer yields a lot of cash. Zodwa has capitalized on her gift already. She showcased her journey as a healer on her reality show.

Zodwa Wabantu performing rituals.


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