A Young hawker who hawks in Abuja explains why he wears suit to hawk Kolanut

A Young hawker who hawks in Abuja explains why he wears suit to hawk Kolanut

A Young hawker who hawks in Abuja explains why he wears suit to hawk Kolanut—

The young man said the main reason he hawks with his suit is to leave a good impression on people and get people to patronize his product.

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“People ask me why do I sell kolanut and wear suit and tie. Like this I am happy, abi am I not happy? I’m happy, because everything is clean. My own kolanut is clean. Me myself am clean. My clothes are clean, I have ironed it. If I have perfume, I’ll put it on.

My name is Zubairu Ibrahim Sulaiman from Kaduna. I’m 24 years. I dress like this and sell kolanut inside traffic on Karu Bridge. I’ve been selling kolanut for 3 years. Every morning, I must swag. I carry my socks, put it on my leg. Carry my shoe, polish it, then put it on my leg. I iron my clothes, shirt, tie, and suit. I wash my hair, I brush it. I carry my face mask, my eye glass. Then I go and sell kolanut.

I respect the suit even though the heat is worrying me or not, I don’t care, I like it. People tell me I dress too much for someone that is going to sell kolanut. I tell them okay, if you don’t like my kolanut selling business, no problem – give me another work that will be better than this one. What I have is good in my hand. If you don’t like my business and say it’s too small for you, then give me something better so I can change the work to something that will give me more money than my kolanut selling.

I have a girlfriend in my village and it’s remaining one year till I’m finally able to marry her. I want to marry her one year from now, that is in 2022. My girlfriend likes this suit too. Me I like it, how will she not like it? If she doesn’t like my dressing then she doesn’t like me. She loves my dressing and she loves me too.

I left my village and came to Abuja. Before I came here, it’s cow work I used to do. I used to follow cows into the bush. I came to Abuja to find money so I can send it back to my father and brother. That way, they can use the money to buy more cows and continue to follow them. I just want to find money in Abuja, then go to school again. If I go to school now, I’ll like to be a banker.”

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