‘A Zulu Queen amongst us’ MaMkhize’s Zulu Heritage outfit gets Mzansi talking

MaMkhize’s Zulu Heritage outfit gets Mzansi talking. No doubt she has been topping trends of late after sharing pictures of her Heritage day outfit. We can all agree that she is indeed a proud Zulu. However, South Africans have much to celebrate with 11 official languages and an array of cultures and ethnic groups on Heritage Day. Like in recent years, celebrities always steal the significant highlights of the celebrations with their outfits.

In the mix of things, several celebrated celebrities took to social media to show off their outfits, and MaMkhize made all the headlines. The bubbly and controversial business mogul shared beautiful images of herself and her family. Spotted in the mix was her daughter-in-law Tamia Mpisane celebrating their Zulu culture.

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MaMkhize Zulu Heritage outfit - Source: Instagram
MaMkhize Zulu Heritage outfit – Source: Instagram

Her viral pictures have since flooded social media, and Mzansi has before weighed into the matter with its two cents. A Queen in the making, the Royal AM boss, looked like Zulu royalty in her custom outfit on Heritage Day.

Taking to Instagram, she captioned her Heritage pictures with:

Heritage Day Celebration

I would never miss an opportunity to celebrate my culture, my roots and the essence of who I am.

True to my hashtag, I’m a Proud Zulu Girl on the move. First part of my #HeritageDay was about celebrating love a happy union is always a blessing to witness.

MaMkhize’s Zulu Heritage outfit gets Mzansi talking

Taking it to social media, Tamia Mpisane also shared some pictures of herself donning the Zulu Regalia. Mzansi however felt betrayed after Andile was not spotted in the mix. After all, maybe he was the cameraman, and we are yet to take a glance at the Royal AM king.

However, in the mix of things, several celebrities took it to social media to join the rest of the nation in celebrating Heritage day. Of interest is that several drama series shared their Heritage outfits whilst on set, like the e.tv primetime drama series Scandal. Here are also some A-list celebrities who wowed us with their Heritage outfits.

Like always, despite being in Malawi, Makhadzi couldn’t be spared from the celebrations. She took it to Instagram and shared a picture of her Venda dress code.

Bubbly influencer and actress Nandi Madida shared an adorable photo of her children, daughter Nefertiti and son Shaka in their cultural looks. And reigning Miss SA Ndavi Nokeri had nothing but love for her Tsonga roots on Heritage Day.

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