Aaron Rodgers mocked for bragging about Ayn Rand’s ‘Atlas Shrugged’ on his bookshelf

Aaron Rodgers mocked for bragging about Ayn Rand’s ‘Atlas Shrugged’ on his bookshelf.. ‘If Aaron Rodgers is reading Atlas Shrugged he really might play for another 15 years since he’s apparently 19,’ tweeted a critic on social media

Aaron Rodgers mocked for bragging about Ayn Rand Atlas Shrugged on his bookshelf

NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers caused an uproar on social media following his appearance on the ManningCast show. He was speaking to co-hosts Peyton and Eli Manning on the ESPN2 telecast of ‘Monday Night Football’.

The Green Bay Packers star athlete did not address the controversy following his false claims about his Covid-19 vaccination status, for which he was fined $14,650 by the NFL for violating the league’s protocols. Rodgers, however, still managed to raise eyebrows about his reading choices when he explained the contents of the bookshelf behind him.

Peyton and Eli Manning mostly discussed football with Rodgers. At one point during the telecast, they were curious about what the 38-year-old athlete was currently reading. “What are you reading right now?” one of the hosts asked. “Yeah, a lot of French poetry, and I’ve got ‘Atlas Shrugged’ by Ayn Rand over here,” Rodgers responded, pointing to the books in the backdrop. The revelation did not sit well with his critics on social media.

“Aaron Rodgers brags he has Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged” on his bookshelf. Explains everything,” Philadelphia Inquirer columnist Marcus Hayes tweeted. “What is Aaron Rodgers reading? “A lot of French poetry. Some ‘Atlas Shrugged’ … I rearranged it to make it look like it was filled,” CBS Sports writer Will Brinson added.
“Aaron Rodgers just bragged that he has Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged on his bookshelf. Explains all his lying about being vaccinated and such. He’s one of those “screw everyone else before they can screw you” wackos. People like this are always a danger to others,” Palmer Report wrote. “If Aaron Rodgers is reading Atlas Shrugged he really might play for another 15 years since he’s apparently 19,” another user quipped.
“Ayn Rand’s ‘Atlas Shrugged’ is a book that tells you to “screw everyone else before they can screw you.” This explains why Aaron Rodgers is a big fan of it & why MAGA is so happy he is. The things that make you a hero to MAGA are the opposite of what Jesus would do,” said a tweet, shaming Rodgers.



Some, however, mocked the “woke” backlash against the NFL quarterback over a book on his shelf. “Actually, Atlas Shrugged really DOES explain everything. This liberal media guy should read it sometime. Damn, Aaron Rodgers really triggered the woke crowd, tonight!” Mediate columnist John Ziegler wrote in response to fellow columnist Hayes’s tweet. “If only Aaron Rodgers had some Ibram X. Kendi book, woke Twitter wouldn’t pretend to be upset. As an added bonus, we wouldn’t have to read tweets by guys who haven’t even read the Wikipedia entry for Atlas Shrugged, let alone the book,” Radio host Jason Rantz added.

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“Everyone freaking out over Aaron Rodgers talking about “Atlas Shrugged” is the least surprising thing so far in 2022. We get it, you dislike the guy and athletes should stick to athletics unless you like what they say,” one user commented. “‘Atlas Shrugged’ is a book that has shaped many young and future GREAT Americans (and others around the world). And yet, the left is idiotically attacking Aaron Rodgers for having a copy on his bookshelf. These people are mentally ill beyond repair. Crying over a f***ing book!!” someone else added.

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