Abuse of the elderly a major concern: Social Development

abuse of the elderly a major concern social development

The Department of Social Development has raised concerns over the abuse of elderly people in South Africa during the festive season. Elderly abuse is a major concern over the holiday season.

The abuse happens mostly in their own homes or while living with family and in facilities responsible for their well-being.

The KwaZulu-Natal Social Development’s Nelly Vilakazi says, “There is elder abuse in some families- where the older people are left alone and no one takes care of them- issues around emotional abuse where they neglect them, they do not show love to them.”

“What is important is the families themselves should be able to report each other. You find that in some families there’s this aunt who takes Gogo’s pension and will then leave Gogo or Mkhulu without money- those people must be reported,” adds Vilakazi.

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