‘Acting will always be a very big responsibility,’ says Simoné Pretorius

‘Acting will always be a very big responsibility,’ says Simoné Pretorius..  Hotel actress Simoné Pretorius recently took to Instagram thanking the Innibos Festival for the debut opportunity of a theatre production called Wat as, which she played in with fellow actors, Francois Jacobs (whom she starred with in the film, Vir die Voëls) and Adriaan van As.

‘Acting will always be a very big responsibility,’ says Simoné Pretorius
‘Acting will always be a very big responsibility,’ says Simoné Pretorius—–

“I’m going off as if it were a Broadway show,” she writes, “but the photos were so beautiful and sometimes one must stand still and reflect, build memorials, say thank you. Life is too short to just post selfies.”

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This follows a long post about her husband often reminding her that she is incredibly privileged to do what she loves for a living and that she can say that what she does makes her feel alive, that it’s a vehicle of provision, that it gives her purpose and satisfies so many desires of her heart.

“I truly am,” says Simoné. “I live in utmost gratitude.”

But she says that even in the midst of her gratitude, she sometimes wrestles with the hard parts of being an actress.

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“It comes with ups and downs and sacrifices and insecurities and busy seasons and silent ones. No work, no auditions, lots of nos.”

According to Simoné, who appears rather self-confident on her social feeds, she often struggles with the temptation of comparison, the fear of irrelevance and a “constant, lingering imposter syndrome”. Not to mention the Facebook posts, the comment sections, opinions, direct messages and even tax.

Still, the actress says these things stretch her.

“It asks of you to open your heart and enlarge it for the joy of knowing people.”

She says even though as actors, they might be the sensitive ones or maybe even the private ones, they must stay the tender ones.

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“Compassionate and merciful in order to tell other people’s stories.”

In the end,Simoné says acting will always be a very big responsibility and “more than anything, a massive privilege”.

Pretorius can be seen in kykNET’s fifth and final season of Hotel, due to be broadcast early in the new year.


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