AKA reveals his current life goal

AKA reveals his current life goal.. AKA decides to get a bit personal on his Instagram stories as he revealed what his current life goal is.

AKA reveals his current life goal


In a short note shared on IG, the rapper made it known that he doesn’t poke his nose into people’s affairs or source gist about others, except if he’s being told.

“Life is so much better when you stay out of everyone’s shit. Currently, the only news I receive about other people is from other people. If they would stop telling me stuff I wouldn’t know anything about anything,” he wrote.

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Kiernan further said that his current life goal is to mind his business and be ignorant of other people’s affairs.

“My current goal is to achieve 100% ignorance on any and all affairs related to lives that are not my own.”

Meanwhile, AKA is getting fun drenched with his girlfriend, Nadia Nakai in Ghana.

The two are unbothered with people’s takes about their relationship, and their fans are loyal to the point of defending them against trolls.

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