Alex takes home The Traitors $250,000 prize

alex takes home the traitors 250000 prize

South Australian social media coordinator Alex Duggan has won 10 series The Traitors, taking home a cool $250,000 for her efforts.

She defeated Queensland business coach Craig Carr for the final prize.

The final four players – ‘Faithfuls’ Craig and Lewis, and ‘Traitors’ Kate and Alex abseiled down a waterfall to claim the silver bars, bringing the total prize pot to $250,000.

In the final Banishment Ceremony, the votes piled on Lewis, who revealed he was a Faithful.

Then it was time for the Traitor showdown with both Alex and Kate pleading their case with Craig.

In the end game, Alex, Kate and Craig had to decide whether to share the winnings or go to a final vote to banish who they thought was the Traitor. Unanimously choosing to vote, Alex’s crocodile tears worked overtime on Craig, which led to Traitor Kate being banished.

Craig was thrilled thinking he had nabbed himself the last Traitor, but when Alex revealed to him that she was actually a Traitor, he was duped, leaving Alex $250,000 richer.

The series, based on Dutch series De Verraders, has not been a broad hit for 10 but plenty of shows have given away big cash prizes with small audiences including The Hot House, The Big Adventure, I Will Survive, Australia’s Perfect Couple and Restaurant Revolution.

Will new 10 show The Challenge change the network’s fortunes with its $200,000 prize?

What are your thoughts on a Traitors renewal?


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