ANC gunning for Gauteng metros

anc gunning for gauteng metros

The ANC says it is just a matter of time before it takes over the running of all the metros in Gauteng. This comes after the party together with seven others, ousted the DA’s Joburg mayor, Mpho Phalatse, in a vote of no confidence on Friday, she was replaced by the ANC’s Dada Morero.

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The ANC is on a roll. Buoyed by its victory in Johannesburg in ousting first the DA Speaker Vasco Dama and then this week Mayor Mpho Phalatse the party says the other two Gauteng metros are now firmly in its sights.

ANC Gauteng Spokeperson Lesego Makubele says Ekuruleni and City of Tshwane to follow.

“The ANC will go and claim Ekuruleni, the ANC will go and claim the City of Tshwane working with other parties to ensure that put a stable coalition government that will put at the centre of its programme service delivery which will be able to help our people in all those cities and stablise the finances of all those cities which are in total collapse and disarray,” said Makubele.

Makubele says that his party is confident that it will once again dominate Gauteng’s biggest cities as it does enjoy a substantial number of seats. This is a reflection of the citizen’s confidence in the party.
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“The ANC has the lion’s chunk of Councillors in all the metros. The only difference now that the ANC finds itself in all these metros is that it does not have the majority to form a government but it is the big party in all the metros,” he said.

The ANC however is facing off against the DA Gauteng leadership for what will likely be a bruising war following its loss of the battle for Johannesburg. The party has indicated that it will approach the courts to reverse the decision which it says was unlawful and unprocedural.

DA leader John Steenhuisen says they not done with the city of Johannesburg.

“We will assure everybody who believes in democracy and the rule of law that the DA is not done in Johannesburg and we will continue to fight the forces that put their own greedy agendas ahead of the citizens of that city and this country and we are not under any illusions that the fight for resources by the coalitions of corruption will increase as the 2024 elections draw near but we will stand firm and will be guided by the values and principles we hold dear but also by the rule of law,” he said.

Steenhuisen is well aware that keeping Tshwane and Ekuruleni may just be outside the power of the DA to guarantee.

“We will move quickly to do everything in our power to protect our other coalition governments from this ANC onslaught and we urge our coalition partners to stand firm in this regard we will do everything we can to rescue failing governments from the ANC’s hands but often it is the smallest of parties that sell out to the ANC and against the very people who put them into office,” said Steenhuisen.

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