BBMzansi: Do you have an alter ego? – Day 52

BBMzansi: Do you have an alter ego? Sometimes you need to step out of yourself to get things done.

In today’s Diary Sessions Biggie asked some of the Housemates if they have alter egos and when these alter egos come out to play in the House.

BBMzansi Do you have an alter ego?


A lot of musicians and artists have alter egos to help them tap into a quality of themselves that they wouldn’t usually entertain in their everyday lives and one example of this is Beyoncé and her alter ego, Sasha Fierce.




He admitted that he has an alter ego but that it’s not too different from his personality. His alter ego helps him to navigate being around strangers, is more assertive, confronts people who challenge his beliefs and his way of doing things. When he’s around people he knows he makes a lot of jokes and is more laid back and easy going. His alter ego has come out when he needs to step up his game or when he receives criticism and needs to fix something.

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Gash has always admitted to having different alter egos and playing different characters in the House. He has mentioned before that it helps him navigate himself around new people and in the House. He’s generally a reserved person so going into character helps him.


Thato believes that she doesn’t have an alter ego but people could think that because outside of the House she’s usually very loud and animated and that’s the side she had been comfortable showing but in the House she became more reserved and wasn’t as loud as she usually is because she wasn’t comfortable being that Thato in the House.

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She believes that having an alter ego makes it easier for people to play the game and not to take things personally.


Biggie didn’t ask Themba about his alter ego but we have seen Dracula in the past. He’s mentioned that Dracula allows him to do the things that he wouldn’t do as Themba. This alter ego has allowed him to connect with Housemates because Themba enjoys his own space but Dracula can participate in the fun.


Terry is divided into two people. Gugu and Terry, and feel that the two work well together. She thinks Terry is super cool and so is Gugu. She says when she’s quiet in the House she’s channeling Gugu. Gugu is chilled, she listens and is Brother aware of herself while Terry is fun, engages in conversation, and is keen on being around brand new people.

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She chuckled before answering this and gave a cryptic response:

“Probably I don’t know. Maybe I do maybe I don’t.” She ended up saying she can safely that there’s a bit of an alter ego there. She can be quiet Mpho or loud Mpho. When she’s in a good space her loudness reflects when her spirit is in a good place and that being quiet means she’s uncomfortable and sad.


Libo said that he doesn’t have an alter ego and that instead, he has something that he says to himself each morning.

“iBoi ikhona, iboi ipresent, iboi iready, iboi ihealthy, the boy is focused. Assignment understood.”


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