BBMzansi: See What Housemates Said About Each Other

BBMzansi: See What Housemates Said About Each Other..  During yesterday’s Diary Sessions, the Housemates had the opportunity to discuss the others in the privacy of the Diary Room. Private, that is, from the other Housemates. Not from us.

BBMzansi See What Housemates Said About Each Other
BBMzansi: See What Housemates Said About Each Other—-


The Diary Sessions are when the Housemates are given the chance to vent about one another, in a safe space, free from inquiring ears. Except ours.

This is a compilation of comments about each Housemate made by their fellows:


“The idea that I’m in a relationship with Libo – that also comes into play. They like Libo, but I’m in the way,  between them and their happiness.” – Mphowabadimo


“As much as I am accepting her apology – and I am – I’m still a bit reluctant. She’s like a ticking time bomb.” – Sis Tamara

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“Tulz has this bully, bossy mentality.” – Dinkybliss



“She seems to be blending in well. She speaks with everybody.” – Vyno


“There is no more crush. I have dismissed the crush, and BU can do whatever he wants in the House.” – Yoli


“Norman is a person who gets close to people. I do think he might have pure intentions, but it might come back to bite him in the butt.” – Mvelo


“The weakest link is probably Mvelo. It’s not a personal thing; I just don’t see his input in anything.” – Themba


“He can’t look me in the eyes. Does he feel guilty? I don’t think that snakes normally have a conscience.” – Norman


“Gash1 is trying to soften everybody up because there’s a new Housemate. He’s trying to make a new ally.” – Terry

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“When I got to the House, I was really crushing on Nale. I’ve realised she was playing a game with me.” – Tulz


“I do have a soft spot for Mpho. I think that’s obvious.” – Libo


“I was surprised that they opened up and told me about [the kissing game]. Especially Zino, because he told me everything.” – Nale


“Acacia asked if we could cuddle. I told myself to step back. I’ve been tested, and I passed that test.” – Zino


“Today I found out that Thato has a crush on me. So that was very sweet.” – Libo


“All the boys are focussing on Venus.” – Gash1

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“She’s another person that I can be friends with.” – Vyno


“When people clique up, she doesn’t have a consistent buddy. I put it on my own shoulders to be there for her.” – Norman


“I’m not looking to go further with Vyno. At the end of the day, I’m not leaving before him.” – Terry


“I love Terry, but she makes it so hard for you to want to stand up for her and defend her, because some of what she says is very out of pocket.” – Nale

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