BBMzansi: Terry’s Half-Nakedness Was Not A Strategy – She Explains

BBMzansi: Terry’s Half-Nakedness Was Not A Strategy – She Explains..  A content creator and make-up artist from Joburg, BBMzansi Terry said she had fun but would like to expand on delivering more content.

BBMzansi: Terry’s Half-Nakedness Was Not A Strategy – She Explains

Terry picked her first day in the BBMzansi house as one of her highlights.

“For me that set the tone, knowing that so many strong personalities were in the house”.

I also feel that as an individual I have exceeded my expectations because I expected to leave around the fifth week.”

Being in the BBMzansi house means you have to work hard for everything, whether it’s food or treats, something she said she would miss, as well as being spoilt by Biggie.

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On If Walking Around Half-Naked Was A Strategy

But walking around half-naked in the house was not a strategy, she emphasized, saying it was merely for overall aesthetic.

She shared: “I am not a huge clothing person and for me, the more skin I show, the better. Walking around the house dressed in a certain way was not a strategy, it’s what I do.”

In the house, everybody has alliances and Terry’s were Libo and Tulz, but when the conspiracy box was introduced, Themba also played a role of being one of them.

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“I am sure that Sis Tamara had my back, but people will not see it that way because of the teams, but in the end what happened happened.”

When Terry was in the house, she had a love interest with Vyno but unfortunately he got evicted few weeks ago.

Terry and Vyno have made their relationship official and are exploring it even further outside the confined space of Biggie’s house.

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