BBMzansi: Vyno On Terry “She’s Into Me More Than Me”

BBMzansi: Vyno On Terry “She’s Into Me More Than Me”..  Vyno Gave Us All The Reasons To Believe That There’s Trouble In What Seemed Like Paradise.


BBMzansi Vyno On Terry “She’s Into Me More Than Me”


We all thought that one of the best ships sailing perfectly in Biggie’s house is that of Vyno and Terry but we might be wrong, this Titanic seems like it is already sinking according to Vyno’s latest revelations.

Vyno and Themba had a moment to chat and the later inquired to know what he (Vyno) plans for his relationship with Terry outside the House.

“Is your relationship with Terry gonna go all the way to after school?” Themba asked.

Vyno said he isn’t sure about that either because he believes there are a lot of dots that don’t connect.

“I don’t know,  that’s a question I can’t answer and I always tell her too. We don’t even know who’s coming out of the house first between me and her, ” Vyno said in reply to Themba’s question.

The 25-year-old Musician said if he leaves the house first, he’s gonna focus  more on his work and may not afford time for TV.

“If I go first, I have work to do, I have things to do, I’m not gonna chill and wait, I won’t even have time for TV. The moment I’m out, I’m going back to my life and at some point may be my feelings will change, ” said Vyno.

He believes that for Terry’s case, she’s more likely to wait for him since she’s a lady (is that what girls do? ? ).

“If she comes out first, she’s a girl, she’s gonna wait for me of course but me I can’t guarantee it at all. And another problem is, she’s into me more than me, she became the hunter too much,” Vyno said.

On a positive note, Vyno said that she likes her for being a cool , amazing and admitted never to have had a girl of Terry’s type.

He also believes that her personality is too much to his liking.

“Personality wise, she’s too much, like loud, wild and speaks her mind everytime,” he said.

On the worst note, Vyno believes Terry is not his type because he’s into people of colors.

“Even physically she’s not my type, like my regular type and I told her too. 80% of my Exes are colors number one, so it gives you a picture of the type of girls I like, ” he added.


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