Bette Midler Apologizes for Calling West Virginians ‘Illiterate’ and ‘Strung Out’

Bette Midler Apologizes for Calling West Virginians ‘Illiterate’ and ‘Strung Out’…  Bette Midler is very sorry to the state of West Virginia. The Broadway vet took aim at Sen. Joe Manchin via social media on Monday (Dec. 20) over the centrist Democrat’s refusal to vote for President Joe Biden’s Build Back Better Act, but dragged the entire state the senator represents in the process.

Bette Midler Apologizes for Calling West Virginians ‘Illiterate’ and ‘Strung Out’
Bette Midler Apologizes for Calling West Virginians ‘Illiterate’ and ‘Strung Out’—-


“What #JoeManchin, who represents a population smaller than Brooklyn, has done to the rest of America, who wants to move forward, not backward, like his state, is horrible. He sold us out. He wants us all to be just like his state, West Virginia. Poor, illiterate and strung out,” she tweeted.

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Naturally, this invited major blowback from the people of the state, who didn’t take kindly to being labeled “poor, illiterate and strung out.” Just 30 minutes later, the Hocus Pocus star walked back her statement with an apology.

“I apologize to the good people of WVA for my last outburst,” she wrote. “I’m just seeing red; #JoeManchin and his whole family are a criminal enterprise. Is he really the best WV has to offer its own citizens? Surely there’s someone there who has the state’s interests at heart, not his own!”

Despite Manchin’s refusal to support the bill along with the rest of his party — effectively torpedoing the piece of legislation’s possibilities of passing in a divided Senate — Majority Leader Chuck Schumer announced in a letter on Monday morning that the Senate still plans to vote on Build Back Better after the start of the new year.

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Midler, meanwhile, received Kennedy Center Honors earlier in December for her lifetime of artistic achievement, alongside Berry Gordy Jr., Joni Mitchell, Saturday Night Live creator Lorne Michaels and opera star Justino Díaz.

Check out Midler’s criticism of Manchin and subsequent apology to West Virginians below.




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