Big Brother Mzansi Day 32: Wishy-washy on the Wager {Video}

Big Brother Mzansi Day 32: Wishy-washy on the Wager..  The hours are counting down to the Wager Task Presentation, and the Housemates don’t seem too confident about their chances. Here’s why.


Big Brother Mzansi Day 32: Wishy-washy on the Wager

On the face of it, the Housemates should be confident about their chances in today’s Wager Task: they’ve been winning consistently since Week 3, and the Head of House who presided over that success – Sis Tamara – is in the same position now.

Tulz is also taking the lead in directing their performance, and his contribution last week played no small part in their winning that Task, so a betting man might be confident that they’ve got this in the bag.

Well – a betting man might be, but the Housemates aren’t. One of the reasons is the punishment for not properly participating in the fitness sessions: the effort involved in carrying out their punishment took its toll, and their fatigue is obvious to anyone paying attention.

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Compounding the problem was yesterday’s onion Task that required Housemates to pickle onions en masse. This took time away from their preparations for the Wager Task, and the Housemates have been feeling the pressure.

They were relegated to working on their script into the wee hours of this morning, and their tiredness is more than apparent.



Video below:


During the times when the Housemates were rehearsing their Wager Task, things often devolved into argument, further frustrating them, and wasting the precious time they had left. Tulz did his best to keep them on course, but it was not an unencumbered success.

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During his Diary Session yesterday, Tulz said that he feels Sis Tamara’s current HoH reign is not going as well as the first, thinking that she is delegating too much responsibility and should take charge more.

Interestingly, Nale believes that most Housemates defer to Tulz because he is the one most often in the kitchen, and this week’s Task is food-related.

Sis Tamara, for their part, was not entirely sure how the Housemates would react to their second reign and is glad that Venus is playing the role of Deputy, as she is able to calm Sis Tamara down – a statement that betrays their sense of frustration with the House.

In a conversation with Tulz, Tamara said that they can’t be responsible for everyone’s feelings, which suggests that the egos in the House are more than a tiny hurdle.

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All these issues play a part in last night’s conversation where nobody felt very confident about the House’s chance of winning today’s Wager Task, as well as the consensus that Sis Tamara should be taking better charge of the situation.

Of course, there is still time, and the Housemates have shown a capacity to get it together at crunch time, so they have a chance at getting yet another W. The next few hours, however, are going to be crucial.


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