Big Brother Mzansi: Meet The Top 10 Housemates – Day 42

Big Brother Mzansi: Meet The Top 10 Housemates – Day 42.. In paying tribute to the Top 10 remaining Housemates, here’s a recap of a few interesting plot twists and game-changing moments we witnessed throughout the season.


Big Brother Mzansi: Meet The Top 10 Housemates – Day 42

Congratulations to the BBMzansi Housemates that are still in the game!

With just 10 Housemates left in the House, we are drawing near to the #BBMzansi Grand Finale and with R2 million on the line the stakes keep getting higher. We have so many questions about how they’ve all had to change their strategy to this game but each Housemate has brought an interesting flair of their own.

Tulz has made it so far into the game without being Nominated for possible Eviction, as luck would have it – he won Head of House when he was likely to be Nominated making him immune to the Nominations process. We have to agree at some point, luck truly does come to you when you need it most.

Sis Tamara shook the House when they didn’t save Terry when she was Nominated but further put up Vyno for possible Eviction. Although the talk around it was about it not being personal – we  think they were strategic in proving that Game yiGame and you don’t owe any Housemate loyalty especially when your eyes are set on the whopping grand prize.

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From lovers to strangers, Mphowabadimo and Libo mutually had concerns about how they would survive in the House if they partnered up, be it in terms of strategy or genuinely dating. While these were sound reservations to have about their individuality in the game – they have both sacrificed any opportunity to find love but keep their eyes on the money.

Terry and Venus have also confessed to being glad that their love interests are out of the House. Somehow their departure brought some unforeseen clarity to their purpose in Biggie’s House. This is visible in how they have taken lead in being more active around the House. At least clarity is clear to see them, money over boys is the memo here – we hope they keep at their game!


Gash1 on the other hand has been in a game of his own – within the second week of the game he had switched up his strategy and decided to play for the long haul. Although he’s never shared the details of how he plays his game we know Gash1 has been scattering the BBMzansi House from snitching on the men’s conference to his spicy reign as HoH – we have seen it all.

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Themba has had his guard up, playing the observation game while making sure he knows exactly what’s happening in the House but keeping his competition close to him. He is also the most vocal about not tying himself to any friendship or alliance and is definitely not scared to let his competition know that he is aware of their game. In several of his Diary Sessions, he’s confessed to not trusting any Housemates including Biggie himself. All we know is he’s keeping his eyes open. Although he’s made a strategic alliance with Gash1, he believes keeping the less competitive Housemates in the House will earn them a better chance at winning. Themba has had many strategies that have evolved throughout the game and we look forward to seeing what he comes up with next.

Nale and her “have fun” strategy have brought her this far, and so worth the mention. She continues to stay in her lane, trying to mind her Business. She is set that everything she has done thus far has kept her in the House and that mainly contains her remaining the same character throughout. We love a girl with a plan, who stays true to herself – after all girls just wanna have fun!

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Thato is one Housemate that has had to evolve in a short space of time. From playing her cards right in choosing who to ship with, Thato has intentionally questioned the gents that have confessed interest in her while consciously choosing which gent is ideal for her. We must say that it has been good for her. She has finally joined the game, so she says and decided to no longer play with emotions while understanding that everyone else is playing strategically. Although it took her friends leaving and herself to be nominated, to get to this stage, she has adopted a mind game strategy that may or may not work for her even at this stage of the game.


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