Big Brother Mzansi: See Today’s Wager Task Sponsored By Johnny Walker

Big Brother Mzansi: See Today’s Wager Task Sponsored By Johnny Walker.  Johnnie Walker sponsored today’s Task, and they gave the Housemates quite a bit to think about. Putting their creative skills to use, they had to visually represent what they interpreted by the theme, “Keep Walking”.

Big Brother Mzansi See Today’s Wager Task Sponsored By Johnny Walker
Big Brother Mzansi: See Today’s Wager Task Sponsored By Johnny Walker—

We saw the Housemates tackle another Task, this one presented by Johnnie Walker.

It required them to flesh out a series of ideas based on the theme “Keep Walking”. Having then been provided with paints, notebooks and pens, the Housemates (who had been divided into two teams, “Connoisseurs” and “Shades of Grey”, after picking numbers from a hat) were then required to develop their concept and use it to paint one of two “Striding Man” statues that were waiting in the Garden.

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After a bit of deliberation from each team, they then got to work on their statues. There seemed to be some themes that both had in common – South African flag colours were to be found on both of their statues – but each approached the concept somewhat differently. After much splashing of paint and stretched metaphors, the Housemates were called to make their presentation to Biggie.

The Connoisseurs went first, with Nthabii making the presentation as their captain. She stumbled a bit and made the odd mistake when it came to remembering that the slogan was “Keep Walking”, she still gave a detailed explanation of how they executed their concept, including how the base represented a journey – one which they will never stop walking, purple pants that represent the “royal” taste of the brand and the rainbow-coloured cuffs that represent the LGBTQI+ community.

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Terry, as captain of Shades of Grey, followed with her presentation. Their statue had a white footprint on its back, which represents the struggles of people against which they rise up. They also incorporated the South African flag, as it represents them all as a group.

After that, it was time to await Biggie’s verdict – the jury is still out as to who won the Task as of the time of this publication.

See images below:
Terry standing alongside to painted statues
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