Big Brother Mzansi Voting Poll Controversy Triggers Rigging Claims, Fans Allege Numbers Were Rigged

Big Brother Mzansi Voting Poll Controversy Triggers Rigging Claims, Fans Allege Numbers Were Rigged… Fans of Big Brother Mzansi have alleged that the voting numbers were cooked and rigged following last night’s finale.

Big Brother Mzansi Voting Poll Controversy Triggers Rigging Claims, Fans Allege Numbers Were Rigged

This comes after the finale voting poll results board showing how viewers of the reality show voted was not published on Sunday.

Daveyton sangoma Mphowabadimo Mvundla scooped the R2 million prize money after winning Big Brother Mzansi Season 3. Mphowabadimo won the competition ahead of Gash1 and Themba.

However, when the organisers of the reality show failed to post the voting poll board last night, fans not happy with the results seized their moment. Some alleged that this was because the results had been cooked in favour of one candidate.

Celebrity and entertainment commentator Phil Mphela on Monday explained that the organisers of the show made a mistake on Sunday when they failed to put up the voting poll.

Phil said,

So basically, a mistake was made izolo.

The poll board should have been posted.

The issue is being dealt with.

Finale poll will be out asap!



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However, some people chose to interpret this as meaning the organisers had made a mistake with the winner of Big Brother Mzansi.

This led to massive speculation and debate on whether the reality show had been rigged. Many were not happy that the results of the voting poll had not been released well more than 20 hours since the finale of the reality show.

Below is how some fans of Big Brother Mzansi reacted to the rigging allegations.



Poll was suppose to be released since yesterday with all d voting percentages from week 1. The fact that it is not out till now brings to question the originality and integrity of the show and it’s organisers. How are we sure the results were not or have not been manipulated?


A poll not being released doesn’t mean the votes were rigged. Next time vote hard for y’all’s favs instead of tweeting. You like tweeting a lot! Go check Mpho’s fan Facebook group, it had 50k members & the other one 40 something m n before voting closed.


how do you announce a winner without announcing the results of how they won ? They busy cooking them votes. Gash 1 won we all know but then we move #BBMzansi


We know you chose your fave for PR reasons, making sure a female wins we don’t care anymore, we knew from the start that it was either he wins with a big margin or he doesn’t win at all.


I’ve never seen a voting poll being delayed like this in the history of big brother. Wtf was wrong with this season production team? Yoh a mess shem.


But what people don’t understand no one says something wrong we the votes just that we suppose to know yesterday now people are says something fishy kuphi phil lungisa lendaba


Bathong we’re approaching 24hrs now since the winner was announced. But still no voting poll results from
@BBMzansi & their auditors. The so called mistake of just “forgetting to post the results” still hasn’t been rectified. Is that what really happened? They “forgot”?


There was no mistake, they were still freaking cooking those damn results!!!


Voting pools closed Friday night bro they had the whole Saturday & Sunday morning to verify the results…..but Big brothers house, big brothers rules right?….mmmmhm little brother wonders 🤔


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