Black Desert Online Codes For December 2022, How To Redeem Codes In Black Desert Online?

black desert online codes for december 2022 how to redeem codes in black desert online
Black Desert Online CodeRewardFRON-TMAN-ISBE-ATEN5x Artisan’s Memory [Event]NAEU-WINS-THIS-TIME200x Cron StonesLETS-PLAY-ABYS-SONECushy Mallowmerz / Elion’s Tear / 1x Inventory +8 Expansion Coupon / 1x Item Increase Collection Scroll / [Event] Item Brand Spell StoneCHOI-CEOL-UNSP-IECE1x Big Garnier Firecracker Box / 2x Premium Elixir BoxTHIS-TIME-WEGE-TPEN1x Enhancement Help Kit IATOR-AXXI-ONWI-THGM 2x Simple Cron Meal / 2x Perfume of Courage / Savage Draught x4 2 x Magical Elixir [Event]ABAT-TLEW-ITHM-AGIC2x High-Quality Draught Box / 1x Premium Elixir Box / 3x Superior Whale Tendon Potion/ 2x Tough Whale Tendon ElixirFIVE-DUDE-SPLA-YBDO2 x Exquisite Cron Meal / 2x Savage Draught / 2x Spirit Perfume Elixir / 14x Corrupt Oil of ImmortalityNAMI-KOAN-DTHE-RING15x Cron Stones / 5x Memory Fragment / Item Increase Collection Scroll (60 min) / 1x Wanderer’s StarGMFR-ONTM-ANIS-BACK2x Supreme Old Moon Scroll [Event]WHIC-HTEA-MWIL-LWIN2x Oasis Box of Secrets / 2x Item Collection Increase Scroll / 2x Elion’s Tear [Event] / Magical Elixir x2 [Event] / 20x Cron StoneYOLU-YOLU-YOLU-YOLU10x Valk’s CryYOLU-ISGU-IDIN-GYOU2x Golden Blessing of Agris [Event]ITST-IMEF-ORBA-TTLE1x Enhancement Help Kit II [Event] / 1x Advice of Valks (+40) / 5x Item Collection Increase Scroll / 10x Cron StoneCOME-ONLE-TUSF-IGHT2x Oasis Box of Secrets / 2x Magical Elixir [Event] / 2x Blessed Message Scroll (120 min) / 2x Combat & Skill EXP 300% Scroll / 20x Cron StoneTRIC-KORT-REAT-SOUR5x Refreshing Pumpkin Candy Pouch / 5x Sweet and Sour Pumpkin Candy PouchTRIC-KORT-REAT-MASK1x Jack-O’-Lantern MaskTRIC-KORT-REAT-DICE2x Black Spirit’s Orange Die / 2x Black Spirit’s Purple DieNAOR-EUWH-OWIL-LWIN1x Arcana of Fate Box / 1x Enhancement Help Kit I / 1x Glory of Solare BoxNASO-LARE-CHAM-PION1x Purple Dye Box / 1x Twippy BalloonCHAL-LENG-ELAI-VE222x Corrupt Oil of Immortality / 1x Oasis Box of Blessings / 2x Oasis Box of SecretsAGRI-SPRO-JECT-20221x Dragon’s BlessingBLAD-ENZD-REAM-HACK2x High-Quality Draught Box, 2x Premium Elixir BoxFREE-PLAY-WEEK-GIFT2x Juice Gift SetENGI-RACE-2022-WUHU1x Oasis Box of SecretsHORS-EYEU-BIRT-HDAY15x Cron Stones, 1x Item Collection Increase Scroll (60 minutes), 5x Memory Fragments, 1x Wanderer’s StarANDE-RSCL-ASSG-UIDE10x Finto’s Juice Box, 1x Sealed Book of Combat, 1x Sealed Book of LifeGUTI-FELI-CIDA-DESS15x Cron Stones, 5x Memory Fragments, 1x Wanderer’s Star, 1x Item Collection Increase ScrollGREA-TADV-ENTU-RERS 1x Great Adventurer BoxEMBR-ACET-HEDR-AGONLoyalties CurrencyPAPA-PUPU-QUEE-KEEKOtter Emoji, Papu Emoji, 1x Termian Special CoinHAPP-YBIR-THDA-YWOO15x Cron Stones, 1x Item Collection Increase Scroll, 5x Memory Fragments, 1x Wanderer’s StarENDL-AIVE-BADA-TAOS 2x Tough Whale Tendon Elixir, 3x Superior Whale Tendon PotionFEED-PETE-PLEA-SETY3x Advice of Destiny, 10x Brady’s Nutritious Supplement, 3x Item Collection Increase ScrollHAPP-YBDA-YCHO-ICE!15x Cron Stones, Item Collection Increase Scroll, 5x Memory Fragment, 1x Wanderer’s StarSUMM-ERCO-UPON-DAY72x Elixir of Deep Sea, 1x Tough Whale Tendon ElixirSUMM-ERCO-UPON-DAY61x Stonetail Wind’s Meal, 5x Whale Tendon PotionSUMM-ERCO-UPON-DAY53x Energy Tonic (L), 1x Sealed Book of Combat (7 Days)SUMM-ERCO-UPON-DAY450x Cron Stone, 3x Big Garnier Firecracker ESUMM-ERCO-UPON-DAY3Celerity Draught 1x, 2x ChowderSUMM-ERCO-UPON-DAY21x Advice of Valks (+40), 2x Seafood Cron MealSUMM-ERCO-UPON-DAY1 5x Magical Elixir, 5x Mysterious Blue ConchHEXE-OLDT-OWNR-OADS1x Extra Mounta EXP Scroll (10 Hours), 2x Secret Book of FlorinFROS-TYAD-VENT-URES2x Cron Meal Box, 1x Collection Increase ScrollBICE-PTIM-USBD-OAMA10x Cron Stones, 2x Superior Whale Tendon PotionGUTI-89YT-NODO-TOPS1x Energy Tonic (L), 2x Secret Book of FlorinENDL-AIVE-SFRE-EELO2x High-Quality Draught Box, 2x Spaghetti alla BologneseGRIN-DMAS-TERC-LASS1x Blessed Message ScrollBEGI-NWIT-HKAE-LYNA2x Combat & Skill EXP 300% Scroll, 1x Energy Tonic (L)BLAD-ENZR-AREI-TEMS1x Energy Tonic (L), 2x Sweet Fig PieWAKA-ENHA-NCES-TALK1x Enhancement Help Kit IANFI-ELDW-PVPT-ALKS1x Elixir of Deep Sea, 2x Superior Whale Tendon PotionRYKY-BIRT-HDAY-STRM15x Cron Stones, 5x Memory Fragment, 1x Wanderer’s Star, 1x Item Collection Increase Scroll (60 min)WAKA-YASH-IDAY-202215x Cron Stones, 5x Memory Fragment, 1x Wanderer’s Star, 1x Item Collection Increase Scroll (60 min)WISH-LANT-ERNS-06181x Wish Lantern of LoveLAFL-AIVE-INSO-LAREx2 Tough Whale Tendon Elixir, x3 High-Quality Draught Box, x1 Premium Elixir BoxAHAP-PYBD-AYMA-GICA15x Cron Stones, 5x Memory Fragment, 1x Wanderer’s Star, 1x Item Collection Increase Scroll (60 min)DANN-Y23B-IRTH-DAYY15x Cron Stones, 5x Memory Fragment, 1x Wanderer’s Star, 1x Item Collection Increase Scroll (60 min)HOPE-TOSE-EYOU-SOONWeapon, Sub-Weapon Exchange coupon, Artisan’s Blessing (30 days), 2,000 x Cron Stone, 1 x Rubin’s LetterQUIZ-SHOW-GIFT-HEREEnhancement Kit I & III, Rare Courser Training Box, Patrigio’s Apparel Bag, Mystical Artisan’s Memory Bundle, 40x Advice of Valks, 100 FurnitureGRAB-YOUR-JSHA-MMER1 x J’s Hammer of LoyaltyMERC-IAVE-NTUR-IERS1x Sunset Prop Set, 1x Combat or Life Box, 5x Item Collection Increase ScrollBDOF-AMIL-YDAY-2022x3 All We Need Is Love (Combat / Life), x3 Chocolate of LoveHAPP-YBDA-YBLA-DENZ15x Cron Stones, 5x Memory Fragment, 1x Wanderer’s Star, 1x Item Collection Increase ScrollGETG-OOOD-ZAKK-ARYY15x Cron Stones, 5x Memory Fragment, x1 Wanderer’s Star, 1x Collection Increase ScrollINTL-NURS-EDAY-20222x Energy Tonic (L), 2x Extra Life EXP Scroll (50%)THXY-OUFR-OMGM-05101x Courser’s Aura, 1x Rare Courser Training Box, 1x Unbridled Celerity DraughtONLY-1ONE-MORE-1DAY10x Valks’ Cry, Shakatu’s Shiny Box (Combat and Life)LETT-ERSF-ROMT-HEGM1 x Box of LuckANDE-RSBE-LLIS-GOOD15 x Cron Stone, 5x Memory Fragment, 1x Collection Increase Scroll Wanderer’s StarDRAK-ANIA-2022-04065x Artisan’s Memory, 1 x Inventory +4 Expansions Coupon, 50x Ancient Spirit Dust, 1x Lara’s Warm Black Tea2DAY-TILL-ETER-NALWImmortality of Memory, Immortality, Safety, 2x DestinySEAR-CHFO-RTHE-GMCMDragon’s Blessing Advice of Valks, Collection Increase Scroll3DAY-TILL-DRAK-ANIA100 x Cron Stone, 5 x Collection Increase ScrollHAPP-YBRT-DAYE-RICA15 x Cron Stones, 5 x Memory Fragments, 1 x Collection Increase Scroll Wanderer’s StarBDOV-TUBE-PODC-AST23x Item Collection Increase Scroll22FI-REFI-GHTE-RDAY2x Advice of SafetyMERC-IAVE-NTUR-IERS1 x Sunset Prop Set, 1 x Combat or Life Box, 5 x Collection Increase ScrollTHX4-WATC-HING-EPI2Advice of Valks +150, 20 x Shining Shakatu’s Seal, 500 x Marni’s Unstable FuelLETT-ERSF-ROMT-HEGM1 x Box of Luck


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