Body goals: Video of Dawn Thandeka King and her family working out impress Mzansi

Veteran actress Dawn Thandeka King and her family have set their body goals and have since started working out. In the past few weeks, Dawn has been active and doing many activities like swimming and dancing. It seemed that she realised that her body had been struggling physically and needed some workouts. The DiepCity actress has been in the industry since 2012, and we have seen how she lost shape. She grew to be another family woman, which did not help her.

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It looked clear that Dawn had been gaining weight of late and seemed determined to restore her body to its best shape. Her husband, Mlungisi Duncan, looked like he had worked out well, and his body was in form. As the mother, Dawn led her young kids in doing workouts, which many impressed fans. Of course, it will be a long and arduous journey for Dawn to get back to her best shape, but she has started her journey. It will be interesting to see if Dawn is targeting to be as fit as her fellow stars Connie Ferguson and Thembi Seete.

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Body goals: Video of Dawn Thandeka King and her family working out impress Mzansi
Dawn Thandeka King – Image Credit: instagram.com/dawnthandeka_king/

Dawn Thandeka King and her family started working out to reach body goals.

It looked clear that the young ones are being trained to grow with a culture of working out, but their bodies are well in shape. Their mother, however,o needed to hit the workouts so hard to get back her figure. During the holiday, Dawn made sure that her family won’t be sitting idle and made sure to set body goals and start working out. Dawn and her kids began their workouts in the backyard with side stretches as they warmed up for the heavy work.

Watch Dawn Thandeka King and her family working out to meet their body goals.

Dawn Thandeka King’s body may be a limiting factor in her career

It seemed that being old or looking old is not an issue in acting by looking at legendary stars like Connie Chiume. However, It may be a severe drawback of the modern era where versatility is vital. In recent years, Dawn did not qualify for roles of middle-aged woman, and she had since scooped roles of older family mothers.

This may not be a terrible thing, but given her age, Dawn may still be getting roles like what Thembi Seete and Katledgo Danke are doing. If Dawn can quickly manage to transform her body, then she may restart her career with many options going forward.

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