Britney Spears’ fiancé celebrates the end of her conservatorship

Britney Spears’ fiancé celebrates the end of her conservatorship.. A judge granted Britney Spears’ request to end her conservatorship on Friday afternoon. Minutes after the decision was made public, Spears’ fiancé Sam Asghari shared an Instagram post in celebration.

Britney Spears' fiancé celebrates the end of her conservatorship
Britney Spears’ fiancé celebrates the end of her conservatorship—–


Asghari posted a photo of a hot pink background with the word “FREEDOM” written on it. In the caption, he wrote that “history” had been made.

Earlier in the morning, ahead of the Los Angeles court hearing, Asghari posted a video to Instagram that showed both himself and Spears wearing “Free Britney” shirts. The shirt’s also included text that said: “It’s a human rights movement.”

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Spears’ experience under the legal guardianship (which she has called “abusive”) for the last 13 years has brought new attention to the laws and protocols that currently exist for conservatees.

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Following the hearing on Friday, Spears’ lawyer Mathew Rosengart told press that he was “so proud” of the singer for shining a light on all conservatorships.

“As a result of Britney’s testimony and courage, congress has heard her,” he said. “If this happened to Britney, it could happen to anybody.”

The conservatorship, approved in Los Angeles Superior Court, put Spears’ estate, financial assets, and some personal assets under the control of her father, Jamie, and a lawyer.

During her June 23 testimony, Spears detailed her troubling experiences under the conservatorship. The pop star said she was forced to take lithium against her will, and denied the right to remove her IUD and have additional children.

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In September, Spears and Asghari announced their engagement after dating for nearly five years.


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