Bromwell Street residents look to Supreme Court of Appeal for shelter solution

bromwell street residents look to supreme court of appeal for shelter solution

CAPE TOWN – The City of Cape Town has headed to the Supreme Court of Appeal over a lower court decision to provide temporary emergency accommodation close to Bromwell street where hundreds face eviction.

Bromwell Street residents have been battling it out for six years now.

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In 2013, the property changed hands meaning that residents, most of whom have been living in these cottages for many years, could find themselves on the streets.

Last year, the city was ordered by the High Court in Cape Town to provide temporary emergency accommodation in Woodstock or its surrounds.

But the city was granted leave to appeal.

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Disha Govender is an attorney at Ndifuna Ukwazi Law Center, representing the residents.

“We believe that the city’s implementation of its emergency housing program which relegates poor black and brown people to the outskirts of the city in under-resourced areas compounds people’s vulnerability and is contrary to the city’s special justice obligations.”

Some Bromwell Street residents said they’re anxiously looking to the Supreme Court of Appeal as it determines whether the City of Cape Town is entitled to move people who are being evicted.

Bromwell Street resident, Charnel Commando, said everybody’s anxious about Monday’s supreme court hearing.

“We are hoping for this court case to be fair and to find a solution between the city and us and for the greater of the people being evicted”.

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