Burna boy Appreciates those who celebrated his birthday.

Burna boy Appreciates those who celebrated his birthday

Burna boy Appreciates those who celebrated his birthday.—

In a recent update on his Instagram story, Burna Boy thanked his fans, friends and colleague who sent their good wishes to him on his birthday as he claimed that his birthday celebration meant a lot to him.

According to the Grammy award winner, at a point in his life, he never thought he would grow to become 30 years old therefore from the bottom of his heart he appreciate every single person who showed up on his birthday party in the club and wished that they will also be celebrated the same way they celebrated him.

Angelique Kidjo has the defended Burna Boy over claims by some that he is arrogant.

Speaking to Lagos based Smooth FM in an interview, she said;

“When you’re talented, yes, you have to have humility but that doesn’t mean you’re going to walk on yourself and apologize. For what? I’m good at what I do. You don’t like it? Sorry! If it was an African-American person having that attitude, nobody would say anything.

“That’s my boy mehn! Let him do his stuff. If you don’t like it, sorry for you… You leave my boy alone!”


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