Cassper Nyovest [email protected] size has Mzansi talking {Photo}

Cassper Nyovest [email protected] size has Mzansi talking..  Of late, Cassper Nyovest is spending a significant amount of time at the gym while preparing ahead of his much-anticipated boxing match with rapper Priddy Ugly....

Cassper Nyovest M@nh00d size has Mzansi talking

However, his latest picture showing off the size of his [email protected] has left tweeps wondering.

Rapper Cassper Nyovest’s latest picture while at the gym has raised enough eyebrows for tweeps to start questioning the size of his manhood. Cassper Nyovest posted a picture during his work-out while in preparation of his much-anticipated boxing match with Priddy Ugly in October.

Tweeps have started to go in on Cassper Nyovest while scrutinizing his [email protected] and its size. His gym biker shorts revealed all angles of his body, which also led to tweeps noticing his manhood size and truth to be told, tweeps are certainly not jumping for joy for what they have witness.

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Check the post:


However, when gossip blogger Musa Khawula posed a question to his fans and followers on the size of Cassper Nyovest’s manhood. It became a frenzy and free for all as tweeps went in hard to call out Cassper Nyovest’s manhood size and how unhappy they were for what they are seeing.

Tweeps did not waste any more of their times as they took under comments to criticize Cassper Nyovest’s manhood size. They even made references about it being small/ scarce like job opportunities.

Meanwhile some tweeps were not about the Cassper Nyovest’s smack-down over his manhood as they took under comments in his defense. While some even went on insert that he could be a grower not a shower, hence his manhood is showing small in his biker shorts.


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