Cody Rhodes Returns To WWE At WrestleMania

Cody Rhodes Returns To WWE At WrestleMania..  Cody Rhodes finally made his WWE comeback at WrestleMania last night and has described what it’s like to be back in the WWE fold.

Cody Rhodes Returns To WWE At WrestleMania

Wrestling’s worst kept secret was revealed in Dallas when Rhodes made his emotional return to WWE as Seth Rollin’s chosen opponent. The American Nightmare recived one of the biggest reactions of the night from the 70,000 fans in the AT&T Stadium and the 36-year-old has already reflected on his WrestleMania moment.

Speaking on The Ringer Wrestling podcast he admitted how much he appreciated the reaction and being back in WWE.

“Everyone kept asking me all day, ‘what do you expect?’ Of course, I was hoping (the crowd) would be happy, at least, ‘yay, boo,’ some sort of energy and feeling. I really didn’t want to put any expectations on it and I never looked out there. I never walked the ramp, never got to see the crowd. Coming up on that lift was the first time I saw the grandeur, the showcase of immortals, all the things that WrestleMania is. A feeling that I’ll chase the rest of my life. If we never get another one, as a wrestler it’s always, ‘I have to get another, what am I doing next year?’ If I don’t get another one, I feel so vindicated. To go from nowhere on the card and no desire to have me and no priority, and that’s not a knock on anybody, to go out in the wilderness and try everything I could to make noise and change our business, pro wrestling, sports entertainment, whatever you want to call it. I felt like they appreciated it and I appreciated them.”

Rhodes defeated Rollins in one the highlights of the night and it took some inspiration from Cody’s famous father Dusty Rhodes to finally put The Visionary away. Finishing the match with a flurry of jabs and a Bionic Elbow before getting the pin on Rollins with one last Cross Rhodes.

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Asked about the elbow Cody played it down and commented more on the moment itself and how it was important to the story.

It wasn’t the elbow so much as it was the jab. The story that we’re telling, however you look at the industry, it’s physical and when it happens and they respond, you got them. A stadium is a whole other ballgame, (sound) travels, it’s bigger and longer and you have to wait. To do something as simple as a jab and for them to get it. The only thing missing in that match was the Von Erich claw.


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For some it was quite surreal to see Cody Rhodes back in a WWE ring, considering the part he played in launching AEW, and in a nice twist of fate Rhodes admits the last person he saw before he was raised to the arena was Triple. A man he famously ‘sent a message’ to by destroying a throne during AEW’s Double Or Nothing show in 2019.

“It’s no secret Triple H is my favorite wrestler ever even though I destroyed his throne and bad-mouthed him to the end of the earth. He was the last person I saw before I went out there. If he never knew he was my favorite wrestler, now I have to tell him. The pedigree itself. Everything. Even the stuff I messed up, I wouldn’t change. That one jab felt good. I had this great education in wrestling, I worked here for 20 to 30 and was under the learning tree of Vince (McMahon), Arn (Anderson), Michael (Hayes), Jamie Noble, the guys who are still here, and then I had my whole life under the learning tree of my dad. I’m not supposed to do anything but this, it’s my life’s education, I’m not going to do anything but this. It took me a while to put together, but tonight I felt like, ‘I figured this thing out, I got it.’ I just have to keep getting it,”


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