Confirmed: Gomora actor Moshe Ndiki ‘Mr Faku’ is fired

It’s now official that actor Moshe Ndiki got fired from Gomora and is leaving immediately. It’s been around six months since the entertaining Moshe joined Gomora, and fans loved him so much. A few weeks ago, Moshe Ndiki saw himself trending for the wrong reasons, and that did not help him career-wise. Slowly, Moshe became a fan favourite and one of the key actors on Gomora, but his off-set behaviour did not allow it.

Rumour mill reported that Moshe Ndiki got fired, but many sources shot down the rumour. However, close sources, including friends, spoke a different story as they confirmed that Moshe was fired. Social media went into confusion as conflicting yet trusted sources provided opposite information. He denied the rumours on several social media posts, and many fans almost everyone believed him. It came out that Moshe had been lying to Mzansi, as confirmed by Mzansi Magic according to TshisaLive.

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Confirmed: Gomora actor Moshe Ndiki 'Mr Faku' is fired
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It’s confirmed that Moshe Ndiki was fired from Gomora.

After a series of social misconduct, it is confirmed that Moshe Ndiki was fired from Gomora. His fight with Twitter influencer Musa Khawula was the final nail to his firing. It may seem like a loss to Moshe alone, but Musa also lost his Twitter account through his actions. To make matters worse for Moshe, Musa also filed a case against Moshe, and things didn’t look fine for him. If the worst comes for Moshe, he will lose more than his job if Musa wins the case.

Moshe came to Gomora as Mr Faku, a teacher at Gomora High, looked like he would not last well. Mzansi Magic said that Moshe’s exit has nothing to do with the Musa Khawula case or any social misconduct. After the confirmation, it seems that Musa Khawula was correct when he thanked fans for signing the petition that got Musa fired.

Despite officials claiming that Moshe’s exit was a consequence of the end of his character, many fans disagree, as it seemed clear that he got fired because he failed to be a good brand. It appeared that Gomora could not continue with someone who may damage their reputation.

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