Covid-19 update: Cases continue to rise as world braces for Omicron

Cases continue to rise as world braces for Omicron…  A slight uptick in Covid-19 cases has been detected over the past 24 hours, the National Institute for Communicable Diseases (NICD) confirmed on Saturday.

Cases continue to rise as world braces for Omicron
Cases continue to rise as world braces for Omicron—–

South Africa on Saturday recorded 3,220 new cases, 392 more than the 2,828 cases reported on Friday.


This brings the country’s laboratory-confirmed cases to almost three million.

South Africa’s positivity rate is currently at 9.2%.

Eight more deaths have been recorded as well due to Covid-19, bringing the total fatalities to 89,791.

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30 hospital admissions have been confirmed over the past 24 hours, with the NICD confirming an increase in admissions.

Gauteng is still leading the pack by far, contributing to 82% of the confirmed cases.

Omicron is here

The Omicron variant has gripped the world in the space of a few days, and has since been classified as a variant of concern by the World Health Organization.

B.1.1.529 carries certain mutations that are concerning, and presents a genetic profile that differs from other variants of interest and concern.

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But the variant is still being studied carefully, as currently it is not yet known if it is deadlier.

Scientists are racing to determine the threat posed by the heavily mutated strain, particularly whether it can evade existing vaccines.

It has already proved to be more transmissible than the dominant Delta variant.

Other than in South Africa, Omicron has so far been detected in Belgium, Botswana, Israel, Hong Kong, the Czech Republic, Italy, Britain and Germany.

In the meantime, however, a number of countries have opted to keep South Africa and other African countries out through another travel ban – a move that has since been slammed by the Department of International Relations and Cooperation.

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The NICD has reminded everyone to adhere to social distancing, to wear their masks, sanitise their hands and to get vaccinated.


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