Dablixx Osha Pray We Live Long Lyrics: Who Is The Singer Of The Song Pray We Live Long?

dablixx osha pray we live long lyrics who is the singer of the song pray we live long

Who Is The Singer Of The Song Pray We Live Long?

Dablixx was born on August 27, 1995, in Lagos. The rapper and trap artist is popularly known for his social media freestyles. In recent days he was able to establish a strong Instagram presence of himself and expand his fan base and following. He released his trap music and freestyles in both languages, such as Yoruba and English. His rap songs address real-world issues such as betrayal, street fights, trust, pain, and others. He was successful at the famous JWS Records, but his tattoos explained “rap life.” His real name is Oniyide Azeez, also known as Dablixx Osha or Osha Marleba; he is a Nigerian rapper and songwriter specializing in trap music. He is 26 years old. 

Dablixx Osha Pray We Live Long Lyrics

Pray We Live Long – DaBlixx Osha

hhhhhunnnn yeah

people say truly if Dem come back

but I say true if they never left


life fuck me up times without number

youn’g nigga dying but they never care

even without no shoes

still stand on my ten toes

why you tryna starve

but I thought you’re my friend brr

I can’t see your true colors

even with my Lens brr

now I heard you playing fucking a’rround with my ex brr

fuck you dwag

why you snitching

run around with my bitches

don’t know why you tryna kill me

tryna shot me but you miss

you’re in trouble yeah

i can crash you

if I let my nigga

do it then gon crush you

don’t wanna hurt you

mama had a dream about me dying

but I told her she Lying

i don’t wanna die Young

I just wanna live long

I don’t wanna die Young


Is Dablixx Osha Dead?

Everyone is eager to know whether the news is accurate or just a rumor spread to cause a problem about his career. Some social media platforms had reported that Dablixx’s death had not made an official confirmation from his side. Many people worldwide on Twitter are reporting that Dablixx is dead. However, there’s no official statement or confirmation of Dablixx’s death. We need to wait to know about his death as an official statement from the Dablixx team.

Professional Career Of Dablixx Osha

Dablixx Osha, a trap artist, began making music at a young age, but his glory days came after he created Instagram and began uploading his work.He is currently the most well-known indigenous trap artist in Nigeria, evidenced by his personal Instagram page. Dablixx Osha, a Lagos State native, has released several singles and two EPs titled “50” and “Moller.” Dablixx Osha has been dubbed the “new generation king” several times.

How Much Is Dablixx Oshaa Net Worth?

Dablixx Osha’s net worth is estimated to be between $60,000, even though he is not listed on Forbes. Dablixx Osha, signed to MMG Records, is gaining fans daily thanks to his musical flow. He’s another newly discovered gold miner in the industry.

Biography Of Dablixx Oshaa

Name Oniyide Azeez  
Also known Dablixx Oshaa 
DOB August 27, 1995 
Age 26 
Place of birth Lagos, Nigeria 
Zodiac sign Virgo 
Nationality Nigerian 
Religion Muslim 
Height 5’4’’ 
Weightt 55 
Profession Songwriter 



  • Who Is The Singer Of The Song Pray We Live Long? 

  • Dablixx Osha Pray We Live Long Lyrics

  • Is Dablixx Osha Dead? 

  • Professional Career Of Dablixx Osha 

  • How Much Is Dablixx Oshaa Net Worth? 

  • Biography Of Dablixx Oshaa  

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