Dakota Johnson snubbed by Jesse Eisenberg

Dakota Johnson snubbed by Jesse Eisenberg.. Dakota Johnson has claimed Jesse Eisenberg “didn’t acknowledge” her on the set of ‘The Social Network’.

Dakota Johnson snubbed by Jesse Eisenberg
Dakota Johnson snubbed by Jesse Eisenberg—-

The 32-year-old actress reminisced with Andrew Garfield about their time making the 2010 biographical drama, and while she praised the ‘Tick… Tick… Boom!’ actor for his welcoming attitude towards her on one of her first projects, she admitted their co-star – who portrayed Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg – wasn’t so warm.

In a video interview for Vanity Fair, Dakota – who played Amelia Ritter – told Andrew: “You and Jesse were so busy on that movie, and I was obviously in it for four seconds, but I spent a few days on set just watching.

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“I remember sitting down with you guys when you were having lunch one day, and you asked me loads of questions.”

“You were really nice — and Jesse didn’t acknowledge me.”

However, Dakota acknowledged there may have been a reason behind the snub.

She said: “He was probably in character.”

The 38-year-old actor – who played Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin – admitted he felt the “need to defend” Jesse “in some way”.

He said: “There was maybe some of the Zuckerberg coming through in that moment. He was probably overwhelmed by…”

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Dakota jokingly interrupted: “By beauty.”

Andrew laughed: “By your beauty, yes.”

Although the pair didn’t share any scenes together, Andrew admitted he enjoyed hanging out with the ‘Lost Daughter’ star at a party after their movie came out.

He said: “I think it was at the Oscars or something, when [director] David Fincher didn’t win and he should have, and I remember seeing you at the afterparty, and you were just so lovely and energetic and excited to connect, and I felt the same way.”

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