Davido covers Flaunt Magazine’s In The Garden Issue

Davido covers Flaunt Magazine’s In The Garden Issue. Award-winning Nigerian singer Davido is the cover of American fashion and culture magazine, Flaunt Magazine for its “In The Garden Issue.”

Davido covers Flaunt Magazine’s In The Garden Issue
Davido covers Flaunt Magazine’s In The Garden Issue—

Davido wears a Gucci sweatshirt, kaftan, and shoes, Etro pants, and vintage Versace sunglasses for the cover.

In the interview following the cover shoot, the “Fem” crooner talks about his raving album “A Better Time“, collaboration with Nicki Minaj, fatherhood, and the #EndSARS protest.

On being nicknamed The King of Afrobeats, he said; “Over time we’ve been working hard, delivering hits, really pushing the culture to the Western world. I remember, in 2015, when I first signed my deal, African music wasn’t really accepted.

“I remember being in the room telling them, ‘Yo, this genre’s going to be hot! It’s the next thing coming.’ They looked at me like I was crazy. Five years later, it’s one of the biggest genres in the world.”⠀

A Better Time album

On recording the “A Better Time” album at home and what the project meant for people during the pandemic

“We were in a pandemic—obviously, Corona hit. There were no plans to drop the album because I was on tour. I was still touring off of A Good Time album, then Corona hit. I went back to the studio because there’s nothing else to do.

“Everybody was at home-focused, so we went back to the studio, and started recording a lot. Before you know, we had 50 songs. Yo, we gotta put this out. That’s how that album came—a quarantine album I call it.

“Really because we was having a good time on tour and everything, I said ‘Yo, A Better Time!’ It was weird because we weren’t in a better time at that time. It was Corona, but it was something to look forward to. A Better Time is coming, that’s why I called it a better time. Right now things are starting to open up, and it’s looking like we’re about to go back on the road.

Collaboration with Nicki Minaj on “Holy Ground”

Davido said he had met Nicki Minaj before and when it was time, he sent her DM and that was it.

“Crazy man! I never met her before too. It’s crazy, I DM’d her and she replied like, ‘Yo, let’s do it!’ I sent the song and she sent it back. We couldn’t meet because I was in Nigeria and she was on the way to LA, then she had a child. I appreciate her for that verse. People love it, I love it. I’m sure we’ll do some more work.

Coming 2 America

Davido also said acting in “Coming 2 America” was an amazing experience he didn’t believe.

“Honestly, I didn’t believe I was gonna be in that movie until I watched it. It was surreal, I’m like, ‘No way, this is crazy.’ It happened so fast. Had a meeting, you’re on set tomorrow-type shit.

“I remember going to the set being next to my manager like, ‘You sure this is for Coming 2 America?’ I’m on set, I look behind, and I see Eddie Murphy. What?! This ain’t real! [laughs].”

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