Day 25: BBmzansi Housemates are starting to lose their tempers and shyness {Video}

BBmzansi Housemates are starting to lose their tempers and shyness..  The Housemates are starting to lose their tempers as well as their shyness about expressing their feelings. Alliances clearly don’t mean much, anymore.


BBmzansi Housemates are starting to lose their tempers and shyness



It’s been coming for a while, but the divisions in the House are only becoming more and more pronounced, and the week of Valentine’s Day seems to be a turning point – which is a little ironic.. Norman strongly suspects Gash1 of deliberate engineering tension in at least two relationships – B.U. and Venus, and Mphowabadimo and Libo. He and Yoli spoke about how those tensions are spilling over and affecting other relationships in the House, like Mphowabadimo’s friendship with Norman.

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What’s noteworthy is how Norman didn’t just leave it there – he took the matter up with Gash1 directly, who expressed total bewilderment at the suggestion that he would do anything of the sort.


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In other news, Terry – always one of the most outspoken Housemates – completely gave up any attempt at composure she may have had when she unloaded on Sis Tamara, Themba and Tulz about B.U., who she feels has consistently failed to do basic chores like taking out the rubbish and replacing the bags in the bin. She said that he cut up an entire pineapple, then left the peels to attract flies.

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“We’re not going to treat you like some samurai,” she said, referring to his somewhat mystical philosophy to life. “This is not a movie.”

If this trend continues, we can expect to see the Housemates discard all pretence at being a happy family and witness them challenge each other head on, even for the most innocuous of transgressions. It might be hard to live in that environment, but it is kinda fun to watch!


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