Day 31: Which BBMzansi Housemate are you at groove? {Photos}

Which BBMzansi Housemate are you at groove?  There’s no one way to have fun at groove, everyone parties differently. However, the best parties are those where everyone has fun with each other despite their differences.


Which BBMzansi Housemate are you at groove?

Let’s take a look at some of the Big Brother Mzansi Housemates’ personalities at the Saturday Night Parties.

Minister of Good Times

When it comes to Saturday Night Parties, Thato and Sis Tamara have become the talk of the town. Groove on Saturdays in the Big Brother Mzansi House is always lit because of them. This duo without fail, sets the dance floor on fire with killer moves. Thato and Sis Tamara are the Housemates that everyone looks to for a good time at a party.

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Mixologists and bartenders

It’s a no-brainer that having sufficient alcohol supply at a groove is essential, and this is where Venus and Tulz come in. This pair has been dubbed Big Brother Mzansi’s very own residential bartenders/mixologists. Between Venus and Tulz , they make sure that their fellow Housemates’ glasses never run dry.


1645599860 47 screenshot 2022 02 23 at 08.14.17


The hun on a mission

You’ll find Terry strategically positioned on the dance floor if not right in front of the DJ’s booth. She’s also the Housemate who recognises every song on the DJ’s playlist and can sing along without hesitation too.

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1645599698 47 screenshot 2022 02 23 at 08.16.39


The unique dancer

Themba is the Housemate with the unique but infectious dance moves. As soon as he moves his body, everyone joins in an explosion of joyful fevered dancing.


1645599946 47 screenshot 2022 02 23 at 08.11.19

The drunk friend

As always, there will be that one person who’s just like Norman. The person downs everything and by the time the party ends, friends have to literally carry him home.


1645601961 47 screenshot 2022 02 13 at 11.00.38


Which Big Brother Mzansi Housemate are you at groove?


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