Day Of The Dead 2022: What Is Day Of The Dead? When Is The Day Of The Dead?

Day Of The Dead 2022

When the Spaniards arrived in Mexico and converted the indigenous people to Catholicism, they mixed traditions and beliefs to create their own customs. Dia de Muertos arose from a fusion of an Aztec goddess feast dedicated to Mictecacihuatl and Catholic influence. Mictecacihuatl, aka the “Lady of the Deceased,” is claimed to guard the bones of the dead and swallow the stars during the Day. This Day is observed to be celebrated on November 2, 2022.

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What Is Day Of The Dead?

The customs surrounding Day of the Dead celebrations have evolved over time to become the distinct tradition that they are today. Flowers, altars, food, and music all play a role in the celebration. Families would assemble at cemeteries (panteons) late at night to burn candles and lay flowers on the graves of their departed loved ones. There is no wailing or mourning, and there is no joyous music. This is a reflective and cheerful gathering honoring the deceased’s return to life and enjoyment of all human things. The Day of the Dead rituals are rich in cultural impact, and they are colorful and substantial, as is typical of Mexican culture.

When Is The Day Of The Dead?

The Day of the Dead is commemorated this year as well. Because of the symbolic skulls, it is sometimes confused with Halloween, but it is unrelated. It is said that on November 1st, children who passed away will return to visit and celebrate as angelitos, and on November 2nd, it is the time that the adults who died will come to participate in the festival. Family members prepare for the ceremony several weeks ahead of time by building altars, decorating burial sites, and preparing special Day of the Dead foods.

Day Of The Dead

Day of the dead is considered to be a Mexican holiday, and many families believe that this is a ceremony or a ritual where the families play for the perished soul. Usually, you can expect a holiday from November 1 to 2. And this year, it is celebrated on November 2, 2022. It is believed that on this Day, the dead souls will return to their families and visit them. And people submit “Ofrendas,” which is considered to be the favorite food of the deceased souls. Not just that, they also show up with a few photos which are engraved in their memories of their loved ones.

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