Delay in taking a dog for a walk saved woman from Putin’s Kyiv missile attack

delay in taking a dog for a walk saved woman from putins kyiv missile attack

Most mornings, Nastya Popandopulos walks her dog in Shevchenko Park in the centre of Kyiv but on Monday, she decided to start her day later than usual. The decision probably saved her life.

The 32-year-old PR manager missed a Russian missile strike on the park, which is around 300m from her home. It has left a huge crater next to the children’s playground.

“It’s like Russian roulette right now,” Ms Popandopulos told i from her apartment in the Ukrainian capital after the attack.

“We’re [Ukraine] living constantly under attacks and you don’t know where and how long you need to hide. But today, especially, we feel that Russia decided to just wake up Ukrainians [with strikes].”

Ms Popandopulos was preparing to walk her dog when she heard the sound of a missile.

“We were planning to go outside, probably even go there [to the park]… I was there yesterday.

“The missile was so near my building. I heard the sound of the explosion and I moved to another room and closed the door to hide with my dog. Then there was another explosion.

“That was quite scary. Now we’re checking who’s alright, if our friends and family are OK.”

She said: “I’m really sorry for people who live next to the frontline… But today, it’s reminded us that we’re all in danger.

“They’re trying to just kill all Ukrainians. I don’t know what they’re trying to do. Russia is a terrorist state, what can I say?

“But we see that our president is here in Ukraine – he isn’t even hiding anywhere. And it gives us the feeling that we need to fight because we’re actually fighting for democracy.”

Her account to i demonstrates the mixed feelings many people in Ukraine have about the war. For the first time since the invasion, Ms Popandopulos has considered leaving her beloved country but she also recognises the need to stand up against Russia.

“Of course I’m scared, of course. I have my sister, my family, my niece and nephew and I would love to have a better and bright future for the children in my family.

“I’m a little bit fed up of everything that is going on. You’re fighting, you’re believing in the best but Russia… is a big power.

“We don’t want their rules. We want to live a completely different way. It’s a strong battle. Of course, if you’re a civilian, it’s uncomfortable to live in such a nation because you are in the center of a battlefield.”

The strike on Shevchenko Park is also preoccupying Julia Petryk. On Sunday, her daughter was walking through it with friends.

“It drives me mad and I can barely speak thinking if the attack had happened yesterday [on Sunday].

“There were a lot of people walking around, the weather was great yesterday [on Sunday]. A lot of people were walking through the city centre. You think about the different scenarios that might [have] really awful outcomes, tragic ones.”

Ms Petryk, a 41-year-old who works in PR, lives 7km away from the centre of Kyiv and was reading about the attacks on social media on Monday morning.

“Then there was information to go into the bomb shelter. I was standing in the hallway of my apartment when I heard an explosion.

“Of course [I felt] scared because I was home with my daughter but luckily we were not near the windows.

“Then we saw black smoke rising from the place where the strike happened.

“We all headed to the parking garage which serves as a bomb shelter for the neighbours. Today it was very, very crowded. All the people picked up their kids, their belongings, their pets,” she said, adding there were around 100 people in the garage under her apartment building. Some stayed there for five hours.

The situation gave her “déjà vu” of the beginning of the invasion when people started hiding in underground car parks to escape missile strikes.

But she added: “We are not at a loss as it was back in February… Now we believe in the Ukrainian armed forces. They are showing braveness and determination and strength.”

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