Diep City’s Nozuko Ntshangase opens up about suicide attempts

Diep City’s Nozuko Ntshangase opens up about suicide attempts…  Diep City is never far from depicting the most realistic lives of many South Africans and the lead actress Nozuko Ntshangase has shared her mental health struggles.

Diep City’s Nozuko Ntshangase opens up about suicide attempts
Diep City’s Nozuko Ntshangase opens up about suicide attempts—-

Airing from Monday to Friday on Mzansi Magic, Ntshangase portrays the character Nox, who is trying by all means not to return to the life of crime as a part-time burglar, which she went to prison for.

Ntshangase made a YouTube video where she said she had tried to take her own life three times, and this isn’t the first time she has shared this. In August, she shared her struggle to rise to fame on Actor Spaces.

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She revealed details of her previous drug abuse, smoking paraffin after losing a close friend and again while she was in a toxic relationship.

Ntshangase tried to overdose on pills twice, the first time she was only 16 and took Allergex pills.

I remember being drowsy but I never went to the hospital,” she said.


A year later at 17, she drank paraffin after her friend passed away and what upset her further was an argument with her mother.

“I didn’t get sick and I thank God it didn’t damage my organs.”

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Then at 24, her third suicide attempt, she drank a lot of Allergex pills again.

“I remember the person I was dating came to my place and got rid of the pills. We had a serious talk about it but things got worse and I was depressed because I was in a toxic relationship,” the actress said.

The Diep City star says she is sharing this information to help people with depression and advise them to see a professional.

Her tips to deal with depression includes writing your feelings down in a journal.

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“It’s healing to see your emotions reflected back to you on paper.

“The last tip is to take action. Achieve your goals and walk the talk. This one needs a lot of discipline,” she said.


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