Don’t put yourself at risk – police warn online shoppers and sellers

dont put yourself at risk police warn online shoppers and sellers

CAPE TOWN – While the festive season is in full swing, Cape Town police on Saturday urged people to remain vigilant, especially when buying and selling goods through online platforms.

Police say several robberies and violent attacks linked to social media trading have been reported to them.

In the most recent incident, police said a couple was lured to a mall in Nyanga by someone posing as the seller of an Xbox.

They were held at gunpoint and robbed of cash, personal items, and their vehicle.

Police urge people to practice caution when using Marketplace on Facebook or any other social media trading sites.

“SAPS would like to warn communities that use Marketplace to buy and sell items not to go into areas they’re not familiar with, ” said police captain Ian Bennett.

“Ensure that you know who you are selling items to and don’t go into areas you don’t know as this makes you vulnerable. You cannot put yourself at risk.”

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