Dream Face: YouTuber Dream Finally Reveals His Face At Last

Dream Face: YouTuber Dream Finally Reveals His Face At Last.. After eight years of waiting and a lot of teases toward a reveal, fans of Minecraft YouTuber Dream finally know what he looks like.

 Dream Face: YouTuber Dream Finally Reveals His Face At Last

Over the past couple of weeks, YouTube content creator Dream teased a face reveal video, and on Sunday night, it finally happened in front of a massive audience.

Since creating his account in 2014, YouTube content creator Dream has remained anonymous, especially in regard to his appearance

On his main channel, Dream has amassed around 2.7 billion views and over 30 million subscribers. Despite all of those that have been following him for years and even other content creators that have collaborated with him, Dream’s real life appearance remained one of the internet’s greatest mysteries. On September 19, 2022, Dream stated he would be revealing his face in the next video that he posted to YouTube. On Sunday night, Dream did just that.

Dream, most known for his Minecraft videos, uploaded a video titled “hi, I’m Dream.” around 9 pm Eastern on Sunday. Along with his cat Patches, Dream teased viewers for several minutes, showing off the studio where he uploads.

Dream’s studio included his bed, his plaque from the Guinness Book of World Records, and other fun pieces of memorabilia.

On Twitter, #DreamFaceReveal had been trending for days, with users predicting (although mostly in jest) what the YouTuber actually looks like.

One minute and 18 seconds into the video, Dream finally made the big reveal. Dream also revealed that his real name is Clay, and the short video quickly went viral, reaching over 300,000 likes in less than 10 minutes.

Dream is one of the pillars of YouTube and noted that the reason he hyped up the big reveal and finally showed his face was that his friend George was moving into his house and their video would wind up showing Dream anyway.

It was best to “rip off the Band-Aid,” according to Dream. He had spent the past few days showing his face to his online friends for the first time, showing that even those closest to him weren’t quite sure what Dream looked like until this week.

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