Elon Musk’s Tesla Is Recalling 48,000 US Vehicles Over Speed Display Gremlin

Elon Musk’s Tesla Is Recalling 48,000 US Vehicles Over Speed Display Gremlin..  Tesla, headed by SA-born Elon Musk, is recalling about 48,000 Model 3 Performance vehicles in the US because they may not display the speedometer while in “Track Mode”, documents released on Friday show.


The recall covers vehicles from the 2018 through 2022 model years. Tesla will perform an over-the-air software update to address the issue. Tesla said a firmware update released in December unintentionally removed the speed unit from the user interface.

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The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said the vehicles do not comply with a federal motor vehicle safety standard and if drivers do not know how fast they are travelling it could increase the risk of a crash.

Over the last year, Tesla has been issuing more recalls, including some under pressure from NHTSA. Tesla separately on Friday recalled one 2022 Model X vehicle because a bracket was not installed at the second-row seat.

Tesla has issued a total of 10 recall campaigns in 2022 covering 2.1-million vehicles, NHTSA said, but some vehicles are covered by more than one campaign. That is the second highest number of vehicles recalled this year behind Ford Motor.

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