Eskom Could Implement Stage 8 Load Shedding SOON

Eskom Could Implement Stage 8 Load Shedding SOON…   With each passing day, the grim threat of Stage 8 load shedding becomes more of a reality – and one Eskom expert is fearing the worst.

Eskom Could Implement Stage 8 Load Shedding SOON
Eskom Could Implement Stage 8 Load Shedding SOON—

A leading energy analyst has gone public with his fears about the possibility of Stage 8 load shedding hitting South Africa in the near future. The crippling outages would leave South Africans without power for between 12-14 hours each day.


Always seen as the ‘Eskom Bogeyman’, Stage 8 load shedding initially felt like a doomsday scenario we’d never actually experience. However, things just seem to be getting worse at the utility, with a myriad of issued forcing us into continuous power cuts.

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This month has been something of a farce, with Stage 4 cuts and late afternoon announcements plunging us into darkness. But Mike Rossouw believes that the worst is yet to come – and Eskom is simply ‘unable to control the situation’.

“The rolling blackouts are putting businesses on the rack. The economy is being destroyed by load shedding. Eskom’s current path means that load shedding will only get worse… plants are breaking down frequently because they are not in control.”

“I doubt there will ever be a full-on black out, but it is very possible we will get Stage 8 load shedding. I feel there’s a 50% chance we will see worse load shedding than Stage 4 soon. We can’t really predict the extent though… because Eskom don’t know either.”

Energy analyst Mike Rossouw


Reaching Stage 8 load shedding would itself be a major crisis for the country. South Africa has never gone past Stage 6, and anything worse than that would plunge us into uncharted territory.

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Looking at the plans for Stage 8 in eThekwiniCape Town, and Joburg, some regions could expect to experience ‘five or six separate power cuts’ in every 24-hour cycle.

Up to EIGHT local districts per municipality could be working without any electricity whatsoever, several times a day, all at the same time. In a nutshell, Stage 8 would cripple our everyday way of living – hurting us more than any blackout cycle has done before.

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