Footballer, Kurt Zouma ‘could be charged by the RSPCA within DAYS’ as probe into the £29m West Ham star’s cat-kicking video

West Ham defender, Kurt Zouma may reportedly be prosecuted within days because the RSPCA is handling their investigation into his cat-kicking outburst ‘at an incredible pace’.



Footballer Kurt Zouma 'could be charged by the RSPCA within DAYS' as probe into the £29m West Ham star's cat-kicking video


According to a source quoted by The Sun, the West Ham defender, 27, has already been questioned by the charity’s officers. Other witnesses are also claimed to have been spoken to about the now infamous footage of the footballer kicking and slapping his cat.

Zouma’s cats were seized this week as sponsors ditched West Ham following outrage over his sickening attack.

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The 27-year-old has also been fined £250,000 (two weeks’ wages) by the club’s bosses in a dramatic U-turn after their decision to play him on Tuesday evening.

However, West Ham have refused to suspend Zouma, despite the anger towards the French international.


If he is prosecuted and convicted, Zouma could be banned from owning animals.

A source told The Sun: ‘The RSPCA has been working at an incredible pace even before video of Zouma’s cat abuse went viral. There is big pressure for them to be taking decisive action after police handed them the lead on the investigation.

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‘If they deem it severe enough, Zouma could be charged as quickly as next week. There’s a lot of public anger over what happened, and quite rightly, but the investigation needs to be done to the book.’

The RSPCA said yesterday: ‘Two cats are in our care and have been seen by a vet and are being well looked after. They will remain in our care while the investigation continues.’


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