‘Get well my brother,’ says Mboweni as Jacob Zuma arms deal case hits a snag

‘Get well my brother,’ says Mboweni as Jacob Zuma arms deal case hits a snag.. Former finance minister Tito Mboweni has sent his well wishes to friend, brother and fellow comrade former president Jacob Zuma.

‘Get well my brother,’ says Mboweni as Jacob Zuma arms deal case hits a snag
‘Get well my brother,’ says Mboweni as Jacob Zuma arms deal case hits a snag—-


Zuma was admitted to an outside hospital for medical observation earlier this month, where he ended up having a surgical procedure last Saturday.

According to the department of correctional services, other procedures have been scheduled for the coming days.

“DCS is unable to predict a discharge date as our priority at this stage is for Mr Zuma to be afforded the best care possible,” said the department in a statement on Sunday.


“As inmates are placed in correctional centres involuntarily, the state has a total and inescapable responsibility and duty to care for them in a manner that does not violate or compromise their constitutional rights, which include access to health care.”

The former president trended on social media on Thursday as South Africans sent their well wishes.

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Mboweni raised eyebrows after sending his well wishes to the former president, referring to him as his “brother, friend and comrade”.

“We have known each other for many years. Many years. Lesotho, Mozambique, UK, Zambia, Luanda and here at home. All of us fault at times, but, we can recover our historic glory. Get well my brother, friend and comrade,” tweeted Mboweni on Thursday evening.


Meanwhile, the former president’s legal team met on Thursday evening after his arms deal case hit a snag.

This after his legal team reportedly wrote to ANC treasurer-general Paul Mashatile requesting the party’s financial statements in an attempt to prove he did not benefit from the arms deal.

The ruling party reportedly told Zuma’s lawyers they could not find the documentation despite “diligently searching” for them.


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News24 reports that the ruling party told Zuma’s legal team that all documents predating 2005 were damaged or destroyed after a building in which they were archived was flooded.

The party further said it had not audited its financial statements from 1997 to 2000.


But his daughter Dudu Zuma-Sambudla is not convinced.

She tweeted: “Floods? Surely HQ has backup etc! Even if they don’t, I would assume the ANC would have a private banker who can send them the required information, or maybe @PresJGZuma’s legal team should subpoena the banks? We wouldn’t want ANC records leaked! Did ANC benefit from the arms deal?”



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As South Africans sent the former president well wishes, while others called for his release from prison, the Helen Suzman Foundation insisted the decision to imprison Zuma was lawful.

“The Helen Suzman Foundation has duly made its submission, stating unequivocally that even with the guidance of international law, the original decision to imprison Mr Zuma for contempt of court was patently lawful,” it said in a statement on Thursday.

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