Goalkeeper goes viral for winding up opposition fans with celebration and fake dive

Goalkeeper goes viral for winding up opposition fans with celebration and fake dive.. A non-league goalkeeper has gone viral with his successful attempts to rile up the opposition fans, which included exaggerated celebrations and faking dives.


Warrington Rylands’ goalkeeper, Graeme McCall, was involved in a number of verbal clashes with Marine supporters who were situated behind his goal.

Warrington managed to win the game 2-0 and at the full-time whistle, McCall could be seen beating his chest and shouting towards the Marine fans, who in-turn responded with jeers and and several abuse.

McCall also provoked the home fans even further by throwing himself to the floor dramatically as a weak effort towards the goal rolled past the post.

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It seemed at one point that the tensions boiled over as the keeper was then seen heading towards the supporters behind the goal and even threatened to ‘rip the beard off’ of one fan.

After the game, McCall took to social media to clarify the situation, defending his actions and claiming that one fan had attempted to spit at him during the game.

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On his Twitter, he said: “Nothing wrong with my celebration, I only tapped the badge on my shirt.

“One fan tried to spit on me an others giving sh*t. Fans think because they pay to get in they can give sh*t, but can’t accept when anything comes back.”

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A video from YouTube shows the Warrington keeper in discussion with fans of the opposition, in which he claimed McCall had ‘called him and his friends names’ before the situation was diffused.

Warrington Rylands play in the Northern Premier League Division One West and are currently second in the table.


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