God Crooked Lines Ending, What Happened In God Crooked Lines?

God’s Crooked Lines

God’s Crooked Lines is a 2022 Spanish psychological thriller film directed by Oriol Paulo. Bárbara Lennie played the lead role in the movie. The screenplay was co-written by Oriol Paulo, Guillem Clua, and Lara Sendim and is an adaptation of Torcuato Luca de Tena’s 1979 novel of the same name. The story centers on Alice Gould (Lennie), a woman who enters a mental hospital to look into the enigmatic circumstances surrounding a death there. The 70th San Sebastián International Film Festival hosted the movie’s global premiere. It received 6 nominations, including Best Leading Actress (Lennie) and Adapted Screenplay for the 37th Goya Awards.

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God Crooked Lines Ending

Because Alice is not insane, her story is altered, and it is evident that she was duped. Her husband must have hired an actor to portray the false del Olmo, implanted the face in her head, and posted a picture of him in a newspaper. Her husband does this for money. Alice persuades the staff physicians to assist with the investigation. Her husband stole the money if her bank accounts are empty, which would account for why no one can find him because he is on the run. The fact that she is currently bankrupt and a sizable payment made to the facility are both discovered in Alice’s paperwork. This implies that Alvar was repaid. 

Unexpectedly, the flashbacks surrounding the death are hidden but take place in the present. In the future, this could be considered a flash-forward even if it wasn’t a flashback. To get away, Alice sparked the fire. One of the twins Romulus and Remus is represented by the dead body. The Elephant Man killed one of the twins because the other killed his friend, Alice’s attacker. That youngster was Remus, but the murderer mistook him for Romulus. All of this is used by Alice as she looks into the gruesome killing and reports the case to the authorities who were called to the facility. This provides Alice the legitimacy she needs to call a board meeting and request a vote on whether or not to release her.

Gods Crooked Lines Summary

Alice Gould de Almenara checked into a mental hospital in 1979. She is questioned by Dr. Ruipérez after being found at the gates by a man, who also reads a note written by Dr. Donado. Alice is adamant that her husband Heliodoro “legally abducted” her so he could take her money. Alice is given a tour of the institution by Dr. Castell as she starts her fieldwork for an investigation into the death of Dr. Raimundo Garca del Olmo’s son Damián. The twins (Rómulo and Remo) and Ignacio Urquieta are introduced by Alice, along with the Gnome, a sexual predator who is shielded by the Elephant Man and who has ill will toward Rómulo. Dr. Arellano’s sessions are attended by Alice. 

In the main timeline, Alicia questions Urquieta about if he has schizophrenia, which is the illness Alice thinks Damián’s killer had. It begins to rain, and Urquieta’s unreasonable phobia of water is immediately apparent. Later, Urquieta makes known that Damián had a dispute with the Gnome. The Gnome strikes Alicia in the wilderness, and when she awakens strapped to a bed, Arellano informs her that she is the supposed Gnome’s murderer despite the fact that she has problems recalling what transpired following the blow. Alice claims that she has already written to Director Samuel Alvar on advice from Garca del Olmo in order to learn how to enter the institution. She visits him in person. Alvar disputes that. Alicia then attacks Alvar and tries to escape, only to be sedated. 

Alicia requests a meeting of the medical council and shares with Castell her concerns regarding Damián’s murder. Alvar asserts that Alice was interned as a result of Donado’s recommendation on behalf of Heliodoro. She asserts that in order to enter the facility, she misled Ruipérez and pretended to have a mental condition. She then describes how she contacted Garca del Olmo and began an investigation to find out what happened to Damián. Alvar claims that Alice attempted to poison the guy she married because she was angry that he only cared about her money. Heliodoro discovered Alice’s poison stash when he recovered from a seizure, and Alice knew she was in trouble so she created the persona of a private eye. 

Alice is electro-shocked and sent to the Cage after she is unable to recognize the guy Alvar recognizes as Garca del Olmo. There, she becomes persuaded that Heliodoro set her up, having paid a person to pose as Garca del Olmo. She explains to Arellano and Castell that there may be a believable explanation for Heliodoro, Donado, and Alvar’s actions in the event that her bank accounts are drained. Castell attests to Heliodoro overpaying Alvar for Alice’s incarceration. While Urquieta frees the other patients, Alicia breaks out of her cage and devises a plot to start a fire. 

It becomes clear from Urquieta’s discovery of one of the twins’ bodies in a cell that the events of the alternate timeline concern Alice’s plan’s fallout. The forensic physician runs into Alicia and informs her of Rómulo’s passing. After knocking her down, Alicia assumes her identity. She determines who killed the twins (the Elephant Man). Cops attest to the emptying of Alice’s account.

In order to remove Alice from office, Castell calls a council meeting. When Alice runs across the living twin, she discloses that Remo is actually deceased. While the other four doctors exonerate Alice, Alvar recants his vote. Alvar opens the door for Donado. Alice is shocked to learn that Donado is the person she mistakenly thought was Garca del Olmo.


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God’s Crooked Lines Cast

Here is the list of artist who played some significant roles in the play:



Bárbara Lennie Alice Gould
Federico AguadoDoctor Teodoro Ruipérez
Joan CrosasGarcía del Olmo
Eduard FernándezDr. Samuel Alvar
Adelfa Calvo Dr. Bernardos
David SelvasHeliodoro
Samuel SolerRómulo / Remo

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