God Of War Ragnarok Compass Not Showing, How To Fix God Of War Ragnarok Compass Not Showing?

god of war ragnarok compass not showing how to fix god of war ragnarok compass not showing

God Of War Ragnarok Compass Not Showing

God Of War Ragnarok is an anime-based action and adventure-based video game. This video game was released on 9 November 2022. This game is available on shopping mode Microsoft and Shoppingmode versions. This game has many elements, like frigates, brigantines, mortars, broadside cannons, and rockets. This game is developed by Game developer Ubisoft. In this game, there are two levels one is the enemy count section, and the second is receiving damage elements from enemies in the Indian Ocean area. In this game, many rewards, weapons, and coins are available on each level. According to Gosunoob, the user won’t have access to the compass, which is right from the start of the game. You can receive the compass from Sindri, which is short, when you arrive at the Nidavellir, which is in Svartalfheim. 

God Of War Compass Not Showing 

According to Dualshockers, the compass is provided early in the game’s narrative, which is not long after traveling to Svartalfheim. When you arrive in Nidavellir and want to explore the city for a while, you’ll come across a tavern area. You can meet a dwarven bard, which will give you the directions to find the Durlin location. Also, he can provide you the first favor in the service of Asgard, which has boated to the north and is shutting down mining rings in the bay. You have to leave through the western exit from the traven area. Character Sindri will show you up and offers you that there is a fancy-looking device that can allow us to find anything the heart desires. It’s just a simple compass. 

How To Fix God Of War Ragnarok Compass Not Showing?

According to the developer of this game, you can get the compass from the Sindri character when you reach o Nidavellir in Svartalfheim. Also, the compass which will work in GOWR is a bit confusing . When you mark a location that is shown on the map and use to compass to get the exact location, you can see the compass which is changing directions without too much logic. Also, many players thought that the compass which is bugged. It only works in a specific way. The compass won’t be pointed to the marker itself. When it will point to a waypoint that is also close to you, and this will help you to get the marked point the fastest. 

God Of War Ragnarok Game Wiki 

God Of War Ragnarok game, which takes place three years, where the events of the previous game, Fimbulwinter, which is a great winter that spans three summers and is drawing to a close, will begin with the prophesied Ragnarok. Character Kratos and his teenage son, Atreus, begin to traverse the nine realms, seeking out a means to prevent Ragnarok and to attempt to uncover the answers behind Atreus’s identity as Loki. There are some other strong characters are Kratos, Athena, Gaia, Zeus, Atreus, Aphrodite, Ares, Artemis, Eos, Hades, Helios, Hephaestus, Hera, Hermes, Morpheus, Persephone, Poseidon, Thanatos. Also, the conflict will lie with Thor character, the Norse God of Thunder, who seeks revenge for the deaths of his half-brother Baldur and two sons, Modi and Magni, and Odin, who is Thor’s father and also the king of the Norse Gods. 

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