“Heist Gone Wrong” – Bonang Matheba Spits Fire Over Attempt To Steal ‘House Of BNG’

Bonang Matheba Spits Fire Over Attempt To Steal ‘House Of BNG’.. Beloved South African “it girl” and media personality Bonang Matheba is spitting fire over what she calls the attempted theft of her luxury beverage brand “House of BNG.”


Bonang Matheba Spits Fire Over Attempt To Steal ‘House Of BNG’


Bonang, who appears to be in no mood to compromise, has accused PR executive Davin Phillips of trying to steal the brand. Phillips is a director of Celebrity Services Africa (CSA), the company which officially managed and represented Bonang.

In a series of tweets on Thursday night, a furious Bonang revealed that she is not going to let anyone steal House of BNG, something that she has worked hard for for the past 15 years.

Bonang also said that she had tried to resolve the matter amicably in private. However, this had not yielded any results forcing her to go public with the issue.

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“Heist Gone Wrong” - Bonang Matheba Spits Fire Over Attempt To Steal ‘House of BNG’
Davin Phillips — Executive Director of CSA


Writing on Twitter, Bonang posted

“One thing I WILL do, is stand up for myself!!! PUBLICLY!! I’ve had ENOUGH!! You’ve put me and my family through HELL the last 2 years!! And clearly being decent behind closed doors, isn’t the language you understand ANYMORE!!! I’m going to FIGHT!! Watch me!! @DavinPhillips
“So, you (a manager) steal from me (talent), but want ME to apologise to you? @DavinPhillips. Please help me understand,
“…why did your company, @CSAglobal_ delete their pinned tweet? Ya’ll seem ok with ‘injuring MY reputation’ a few months back? You seemed quite SURE!! You can’t take the heat?!
“….and now, you’re trying to steal my company but seem to be failing…A heist gone wrong! You’re audacious. @DavinPhillips
“….15 years of my HARD work! You think you can swoop in and STEAL from me?!! It will be a cold day in HELL my diye!!
“…how dare you?!! @houseofbng was facilitated & finalized by @jaybadza47 & @sylvesterchauke !! Loooong before you arrived…. But no, you think you can be snakey and attempt a heist!!! @DavinPhillips !! 🥰😎❤️ YOU’RE COMICAL!
“…you steal from black creatives!! I’m not the 1st one!! A quick Google search is all one needs…It ends TODAY!!
@DavinPhillips 🥰❤️ *let the music play*


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At the time of publishing, Davin Phillips was yet to respond to the allegations.


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