Here Is Why A Zimbabwean Mining Engineer Dumped His Lucrative Business In South Africa To Return Home

Here Is Why A Zimbabwean Mining Engineer Dumped His Lucrative Business In South Africa To Return Home

Like most young Zimbabweans from Matabeleland, Fanisani Dube decided to flee the country and migrate to South Africa in search of better opportunities.

He knew that he needed to get a good education if he was going to increase his chances of getting a decent-paying job in Mzansi.

After completing his secondary education at Madlambuzi and Cyrene High Schools, Dube enrolled at the Bulawayo Polytechnic to study mechanical engineering.

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Zimbabwean mining engineer
Zimbabwean mining engineer Fanisani Dube’s hometown [Image: Chronicle]

He knew exactly what he wanted and moved to Johannesburg, South Africa, in 1998. He told The Chronicle,

“When I left home, I had the mindset that running away from the troubles of my country was the best option and that I would go back when everything was set.”

When Dube touched down in South Africa, he became a draughtsman, and after a while, he became a mining engineer.

He kept impressing at his workplace and became a project engineer before he was promoted to project manager.

With the knowledge he absorbed in these various jobs, Dube opened his first company, FM Makgowa Engineering, in 2011, specialising in the installation and maintenance of mining equipment.

Given Dube’s field, his business flourished, and real money poured in.

However, three years down the line, he had an epiphany. He figured that by starting a business in Mzansi, he was developing and empowering South Africa when he was not originally from there.

This heralded the start of the process of returning to Zimbabwe.

Dube sat down and reckoned he should go back home to Plumtree, south of Zimbabwe, and start a business there. His friends and business counterparts thought he was losing his marbles.

Some even offered him mining engineering jobs with hefty packages, assuming his company was struggling, but it was not. Dube’s mind was set.

“I did some research and decided to invest in the fast food industry. I started building my restaurant in May 2014. It took me a couple of months to complete the project, and I opened my restaurant, known as Chicken King Bar and Restaurant, in 2015. My move back home shocked a lot of people.”

Zimbabwean mining engineer
The business established by Zimbabwean mining engineer Fanisani Dube [Image: Facebook]

Even though the fast food business is less lucrative than installing and maintaining mining equipment, Dube does not regret his move.

The Plumtree business venture made him popular in the small border town, and in the 2018 election, he won a council seat. Fanisani Dube is now the Plumtree Town Council Chairperson.

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