Horrific details have emerged of how Daniel Smit from Klawer allegedly killed a 13-year-old boy.

Horrific details have emerged of how Daniel Smit from Klawer allegedly killed a 13-year-old boy.

Daniel Smit
Horrific details have emerged of how Daniel Smit from Klawer allegedly killed a 13-year-old boy.—

A psychologist who evaluated the 56-year-old man charged with murdering a 13-year-old boy in Klawer in the Western Cape has recommended that the accused be sent for proper psychiatric evaluation.

Daniel Smit, 56, faces charges of murder, attempted murder, kidnapping, defeating the administration of justice, and failure to report an accident to the police.

On Tuesday, he made his second court appearance in the Klawer Magistrate’s Court. Smit was arrested two months ago after human remains were found in sewerage pipes at his home.

The remains were confirmed to be that of teenager Jerobiojin van Wyk, who had gone missing days earlier.

On Tuesday, psychologist CWA van Zyl highlighted several points that the psychologist felt needed to be investigated by a psychiatrist.

In a report read out in court on Tuesday, Van Zyl said Smit had been involved in Chinese occult rituals since the age of 13.

“It seems that he has a conviction that the occult gives him the power of control and justification for his actions. He has done a comprehensive literature study in the field of all religious, traditional rituals and Satanism. He seems to be caught up in… ambivalence and mentions his contract with the occult, Satan and God. Although these confused belief systems [have] played a role in conducting the crime, more factual, rational and scientific evidence need to be assessed,” the report read.

The report further stated that Smit had committed a serious assault before the age of 15.

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Van Zyl’s report read:

His whole life is characterised by physical altercations with various people. In my opinion, there are many manifestations of psychopathy, like lack of real feelings, no real remorse, self-justification of actions and lies, disassociation of major events, manipulation, cruelty etc. In his life story, it becomes clear that his ability to relate to people was restricted.
Smit was a loner, was suspicious of the motives of others, and naïve.

According to Smit, he felt real acceptance after getting involved in Chinese occult rituals, and ever since then, he has had power in social interactions and justified his anger, rage and retaliation.

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Van Zyl indicated that on the day Jerobiojin was murdered, Smit said he had seen two children in his yard, apparently stealing fruit.

“The one minor, [Jerobiojin], was mocking him, after which he lost control, and he chased the minor in his vehicle, in daylight, fully exposing the cameras and the general public (sic). He apparently bumped [Jerobiojin] and pulled him into his vehicle, and took him to his home, knowing very well that people would know about the incident.

“In his home, he apparently gives him bread and a cooldrink, and then breaks his neck,” the report read.

Van Zyl said Smit’s daughter had also been in the house at the time but had apparently seen nothing.

“He (Smit) put the corpse in the standing freezer. He and his daughter went to Vredendal, conducting business as usual, and on [their] return home, she made supper, after which he gave her sleeping tablets to give him an opportunity to conduct a pre-planned ritual. He took the corpse, dismembered it, and burned his body parts in his fireplace, where tar poles did provide the needed temperature to burn out the body parts,” Van Zyl said in the report.

The body parts that did not burn out were thrown in the septic tank of the sewerage system and were later detected by municipal workers.

“I recommend that he needs to be referred to a relevant psychiatric hospital to be assessed for the scientific reasons for his horrific act, which has caused a major uproar in the local community, nationally and even internationally,” Van Zyl added.


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