How did Nigeria come to this tragic situation? -Catholic Bishop of Sokoto Diocese, Matthew Hassan Kukah

Matthew Hassan Kukah, the Catholic Bishop of Sokoto, has informed Nigerians  that the level of insecurity in the country shows that leaders of Nigeria have no blood in their hearts.


The clergyman said this in his homily at the burial of late Rev Fr. Alphosus Yasshim Bello at Our Lady of Apostles Catholic Church, Independence Way, Kaduna.

Matthew Hassan Kukah
How did Nigeria come to this tragic situation? -Catholic Bishop of Sokoto Diocese, Matthew Hassan Kukah —

Fr. Alphonsus Yashim Bello was kidnapped and murdered by suspected bandits in Katsina state on May 21.

Speaking at the funeral mass, a worried Bishop Kukah said

“Those who govern us are allowing this killing of citizens in their innocency because they have no blood in their hearts. There is no where in the whole world where barbarity and killings of human lives as being manifested in Nigeria of today.

There is no where citizens can be slaughtered in the whole world without the government showing empathy and concern.

The continuous barbaric slaughter and murder of our people in their innocency suggest that our beautiful Presidential Villa, National Assembly, government houses are not evidence of civilization.

How did Nigeria come to this tragic situation? We know who they are, who they believed in and where their inspiration comes from. The government have never declared the kidnappers to be a terrorists group.

There is no ambiguity about those who are killing our people and why they are doing so and where their inspiration comes from. We hear and live with stories of complicity at the highest level. We as Christians can only rely on the faithful word of God”.

Speaking further, he said

“Is it possible that you have a country where people have sworn with Qur’an and Bible to uphold the principle of governance, that they will do everything within their power to protect and defend the integrity of Nigerians and suddenly we are where we are today?

I think the President and governors of Nigeria should address Nigerians and say, ‘fellow Nigerians, I have sworn that I will not protect you from foreign invaders, kidnappers and being killed.

You are on your own. Your security is in your own hands. Keeping you safe is not our immediate priority. Foreign bandits or anyone can come at will, kill, loot, rape, kidnap and murder you. They can wipe out your communities, destroy your homes, your farmlands, property.

They can kidnap or murder your children at will. They can rustle your cattle. If they kidnap your children, wives or husbands, we will consider you criminals for negotiating for their release.

We are preparing a law that could see you go to jail for 15 years for this heinous crime against your fatherland.”

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