How I Met Your Father’ Trailer is Sweaty but Promising (Watch)

How I Met Your Father’ Trailer is Sweaty but Promising..  One of the interesting things about How I Met Your Mother is that it was a rare single-camera hybrid sitcom, which is to say: It was filmed like an episode of Scrubs, but it had the safety net of a laugh track, like Friends.

How I Met Your Father' Trailer is Sweaty but Promising
How I Met Your Father’ Trailer is Sweaty but Promising—-

Post-Friends, however, it was one of the few sitcoms with laugh tracks that I could stomach. Because of the way it was shot, you almost didn’t notice it (also, unlike traditional multi-cam sitcoms, it was not filmed in front of a live studio audience; finished episodes were screened in front of an audience, and their laughter was edited in).

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It doesn’t appear, at least from the trailer, that How I Met Your Father has a laugh track, but the jokes and the sight gags are broad enough to warrant one.

It’s a Hulu sitcom, but it still has some of that CBS sweatiness, although I like those who I know in the cast (Hilary Duff, Chris Lowell (PIZ), and Josh Peck, the latter of whom is recurring).

The “Mother” here is Kim Cattrall, and given what’s going on with the Sex and the City sequel series, I bet she’s feeling very good about her decision to do this and stay far away from the HBO comedy.

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It’s worth noting, too, that this iteration from Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger is the third attempt to make How I Met Your Father.

The first attempt back in 2014 right after How I Met Your Mother ended featured Greta Gerwig in the central role and Meg Ryan as the “mother.” I still can’t believe that one didn’t get the greenlight.

Watch the trailer.

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How I Met Your Father debuts on Hulu on January 18th.

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